Plan B is more than an exit plan – Viola Okolie

Plan B is more than an exit plan – Viola Okolie


So, a couple of days ago, debonair Lagos based “Daddy GO” of the very popular House On The Rock Church, advised his congregants during a sermon to begin to make and/or activate a Plan B for themselves and family as Nigeria as a plan was no longer viable.




Trust Nigerians, social media had erupted in righteous indignation.




How dare he?




Well, before we attempt to provide a question to that rhetoric, let me share another piece of news that may interest you all. We may or may not be able to tie this news together. But at the end of the day, just keeping it top of mind should be sufficient for the purpose of this article.



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Plan B is more than an exit plan – Viola Okolie




So, a couple of days ago, Aso Rock, the seat of Nigeria’s power; as it houses the President and the most influential of his inner circle, was the destination of burglars. The house of Ibrahim Gambari, the President’s Chief of Staff, was the subject of what Shehu Garba; the presidential amplifier, referred to as a “foolish burglary attempt”.




Just to give a little more depth before we proceed to discuss other matters…





Plan B is more than an exit plan – Viola Okolie




There are three basic approaches to Aso Rock, the first being through the official entrance at the Three Arms Zone; a very heavily-guarded entrance where you would need to identify yourself, justify the purpose of your visit; then receive security clearance before you can even begin to think of proceeding.




The second entrance lies just opposite Nigeria’s Department of State Security, the (not-so-secret) secret service arm of Nigeria’s security forces. I remember one day while returning from the airport and on my way to God knows where. My car felt a bit wobbly along that road. The nearest place I could park since I was traveling in the direction of the barracks at the end of that road was off the road to Aso Rock.




The road seemed clear. No one in sight and so I went off the road and parked; only to have my car surrounded within seconds by fierce, gun-wielding, be-muscled men who demanded to know what my mission was; then demanded as gruffly, that I leave that area with immediate effect and go and tend my troublematic car elsewhere.




They didn’t need to repeat that order before I was off like a canon-ball.




The third entrance from the AYA, Area 11 axis, is also heavily-guarded – and these are just at the entrances. Gaining access to any of the residences of the big men in there should be the subject of an entire article on its own.




So, where were we?





Plan B is more than an exit plan – Viola Okolie





There was an attempt to burgle Aso Rock. But the common man who lives unguarded on the perilous streets of Nigeria are “a leerul upset” that one of their gods of men is advising anybody that can “ja” to “ja kpa” o because things have indeed fallen apart, and the centre can no longer hold.




So, I tried to investigate the reason of the angst and anger against what I considered to be well-intentioned advice. This is what I discovered and my reaction to it.




  1. The Daddy Freeze(r) camp who are still nursing the wounds of the gbas gbos he received in the case of covering his neighbor’s wife say that the church should be the hope of the common man and therefore his Plan B. If your Plan B is telling you to have a Plan B; that means yawa have totally gas in the matter na.




Okay Daddy freezer, we hear you. Because pastors owe you anything, right? Listen, all the donations that people give to churches are free will donations. No one is forced to give it – manipulated, maybe; but forced? Most definitely no. The ones who owe the citizens everything, both church and mosque-goers alike, is the government.




They should be our Plan A – Z. If the citizens are making Plan B arrangements; then the government has failed. Simple!


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Plan B is more than an exit plan – Viola Okolie




  1. The social media cancel gang who seem to think that for a man of God to be relying on Plan B instead of waiting for Elijah and the chariots of fire to come and rescue people from whatever is brewing in Nigeria.



Me: It’s like you people like to die, ba? See, even Jesus Christ and his apostles had a Plan B. Remember during the first attempt to kidnap Jesus on the streets of Jerusalem where he was preaching? As the mob closed in upon him, what did the Bible record? Nna, Bros Jay just meandered himself through the crowd and got out of that place as quickly as he could.



Plan B.



He didn’t just vanish.



He didn’t just evaporate from that spot and recondense wherever. Jesuc Christ activated his Plan B and that bought him a few more days; so his passing could be as prophesied. Luke 4: 28-30.




  1. Then there is the group of the slightly confused. Those who think a man of God should not be saying anything at all from the pulpit; other than just blessing people; sharing the grace and persuading the congregation to write larger checks than they had originally intended.



And to this group I’ll say, “make up your minds, okay”.  Do you want your shepherds involved and speaking out from the pulpit or no? Remember that all of you are together in that Nigeria. You all buy from the same market. Even if they had more money than you, now they have to spend more than they did before to get less than they did. They are also worried about security. They also cannot sleep at night. This is not dabbling into politics; this is keeping it real.




  1. The sceptics who are like “what Plan B? Common National ID card I cannot go and collect. Is it international passport to activate the so-called Plan B that I’ll be able to afford?”




Well, FYI, Plan B does not just refer to America or Europe or Canada. Cameroon is Plan B. Chad is Plan B. Niger Republic is Plan B. Back to your homelands at least to be in the midst of your brethren because like the Igbos say; “igwe bu ike (there is strength in multitudes)” is Plan B. Planning a defense strategy is Plan B. Keeping a well sharpened machete by your window so that anybody wey waka anyhow near you go see anyhow, is Plan B.




Plan B is more than an exit plan – Viola Okolie




The list is endless.




Plan B means “don’t just sit down and fold your hands. God forbid the worst-casescenario crystallizes. What next?”




Plan B means “think”.



Plan B means “make plans”.



Also, Plan B means “have an alternative(s)”.



Plan B means “don’t be a sitting duck”.




Plan B can mean whatever it is you have to do to ensure that you are not just sitting in one place waiting for doom to befall you; or that an impending doom takes you “unawares”.




Last last, plan B may need a Plan C – Z just in case each successive one fails.




But the message is that, like the Boy Scouts, every Nigerian living in Nigeria should “be prepared”!






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