Policeman disgraced after being caught sleeping with married woman in Malawi

Policeman disgraced after being caught sleeping with married woman in Malawi

A randy policeman in Malawi got the disgrace of his life after he was caught red-handed having sex with a married woman in Lilongwe region of the East African country.

Malawi News reports that the officer was caught by the woman’s legal husband having sex on their matrimonial bed and after the man raised an alarm which attracted neighbours, the policeman was given the beating of his life.

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The report states that the policeman was assigned to report for a night shift at his duty post but instead, he told his superiors that he was not feeling too well and as such, could not report for work.

When he was told to go home and treat himself, the unnamed officer decided to go to his secret lover knowing that the husband would be on night duty.

But he was not in luck that day as the husband of the woman suddenly came back home to meet the randy officer in bed with his wife.

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As part of his punishment, the policeman was tied up and beaten mercilessly by angry neighbours before he was rescued and rushed to a hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

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