Popular prophetess, Mummy G.O, shocks Nigerians, twerks in church (Video)

Popular prophetess, Mummy G.O, shocks Nigerians, twerks in church (Video)

A Nigerian prophetess, real name  Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly known as Mummy G.O. has left many in shock after she twerked to reggae music in the middle of a sermon.

She is the pastor of a church called Mountain of Solution in Ogun State.

1st News reports that the prophetess was captured twerking in a viral video making the rounds on social media.

The incident also saw members of her congregation excitedly urging her on. 1st News reports that the prophetess has acquired a reputation for her controversial views on what constitutes sin. Among other things, she has been quoted as saying that people with big foreheads; those who use lipsticks and perfumes, as well as ladies who wear trousers, would not make heaven.

Furthermore, she has often expressed her opposition to secular music and dance styles.

Consequently, the footage of the prophetess twerking has come as a surprise to Nigerians; many of whom have been exposed to her controversial views on Christendom. In the viral footage, the prophetess could be seem going down on her hands and knees when the reggae music caught her attention; proceeding to wiggle her backside vigorously to the beat.

All eyes were on her as she twerked for some seconds.

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Although members of her congregation reacted with excitement at the scene; the development has sparked outrage among social media users; with many calling Mummy G.O out for her double standards since she is known for always identifying categories of persons who won’t make heaven.

Below is a video of the incident:

In other news, a Nigerian man has been feared dead after he swallowed two packets of crystal meth in an attempt to hide the drugs from approaching police officers.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Nigerian, who remains unidentified was reported to have panicked at the sight of the police officers. Sketching the background to the incident, Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar said officers spotted a red VW Polo on the side of the road outside Turffontein Fire Station in the south of Johannesburg on Tuesday, news24.com reports.

It looked like a drug deal was taking place, Minnaar said.

“Officers approached the car. There was a chase and officers blocked the Polo a short distance further. The driver had crystal meth in his possession and said he was working for his brother.

“Officers then proceeded to Eloff Street. When the brother (the deceased) saw [the younger brother with officers, he ran inside his premises and swallowed a packet of drugs. He took a second packet from his front pocket and swallowed that too.”

The brother collapsed immediately after swallowing the drugs. Although an ambulance was summoned, the man was already dead by the time paramedics arrived.

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