Portable accuses Poco Lee of ripping him off again

Portable accuses Poco Lee of ripping him off again

Nigerian breakout star and Zazu crooner Portable has accused Dance Poco of dishonesty and not showing him love for the second time. Few hours ago, Portable and Poco Lee performed on stage at an event.

The moment the dancer made to leave the stage, Portable pulled him back; and announced into the microphone that he has been ripped off by Poco Lee yet again.

According to Portable girls have been showing only the dancer love and despite the fact that they sang Zazu together, Poco Lee has been packing the girls alone.

The singer added that Poco Lee ripped him off with the dollars drama; and still wants to take the ladies away from him.

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The hilarious accuastion got Poco Lee and the crowd into a fit of laughter.

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