POS operators lament ‘illegal’ levies by LG operators allegedly approved by Lagos Govt (Pic)

POS operators lament ‘illegal’ levies by LG operators allegedly approved by Lagos Govt (Pic)

Operators of Point of Sale (POS) in the Agbado-Oke Odo area of Lagos State, on Sunday, July 26, bemoaned the introduction of Local Government levies by the local council chairman.

1st News gathered that the introduction of the levy on POS operators in the area was contained in a circular issued by a contractor, Trilling Volant Services; allegedly working with the approval of the council authorities.

The circular which stipulated that the payment commences on Saturday, July 25 reads, “All POS/lotto shops/kiosks around the Agbado – Oke Odo area are mandated to pay N600 weekly from revenue generated.

“Failure to comply will bring our enforcement team to locking the shops/removal of your kiosks; and it will attract a fine of N5000 before reopening.”



This led to an outburst by a Twitter user, Queeneth, who lamented the hardship faced by the average Nigerian; trying to run a small business.

She tweeted, “A circular was circulated last week that POS operators under Agbado-Oke-Odo LCDA should start paying N600 weekly levy. The MD CEO of the company contracted to receive the levy created.

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“A Whatsapp group last week saying the local government employed him as a consultant to handle the levy; that he is the one to collect the weekly levy from the POS operators.

“The POS operators all disagreed, he angrily collapsed the WhatsApp group.

“This morning we saw his taskforce everywhere victimizing people forcing them to pay the money by force.

“They even injured an innocent young salesgirl, despite the fact that our lawyer has written a letter to the local government.”


She appealed to the LCDA chairman for a revocation of the levy due to economic hardship wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am writing and posting this on behalf of the CONCERNED POS OPERATOR under Agbado-Okeodo LCDA.

“It has started from Agbado-Okeodo, it might be your LCDA or local government tomorrow.”


“This agency banking is a form of employment to lot of unemployed youth which multiple taxes will kill.

“The operators are using this opportunity to plead with the LCDA chairman not to listen to people who have no interest in the masses because adding this to stamp duty charges and transfer charges will affect the business.


“Those of you adding political colouration to this tweet, please this is not about political party. This is about multiple taxes and levies.”


“We are not here to castigate any party or government, all we want is a friendly business atmosphere.

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