Pregnant wife of US Marine killed in Kabul pays emotional tribute

Pregnant wife of US Marine killed in Kabul pays emotional tribute


‘He would’ve been the best dad,’ said the young widow of a US Marine, who died in the devastating ISIS-K suicide blast in Afghanistan‘s capital city Kabul on Thursday (August 26); in a heart wrenching note.


The 20-year-old US Marine Rylee McCollum was one of the 13 troops killed in horrific suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport; which also claimed the lives of over 170 Afghans.


His wife Jiennah Crayton, is expecting their first child next month. She paid an emotional tribute to her husband.


“I lost my best friend and nothing will ever make that hurt less. He would’ve been the best dad,” Jiennah Crayton posted on her Facebook account.


She added, “I wish he could see how much of an impact he made on this world. I’m so proud to call him my husband.”


“But i just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support I’ve received today. Times like this it’s all I can ask for. Much love to the other families affected by this. They are all heroes forever,” Jiennah further wrote.


Jiennah Crayton’s mother told The Sun: “I hadn’t known (my daughter) to be so happy until she married (McCollum) and found out she was pregnant. It was like she was complete.”

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Rylee was looking forward to return home in October to his newborn child.


The US is evacuating as many people from Afghanistan as possible before an August 31 deadline after announcing troops withdrawal from the region.


When the suicide bomb blasts rocked Kabul; McCollum was manning a checkpoint at Hamid Karzai International Airport.


It was McCollum’s first-ever military deployment.

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