Pregnant Women Lament High Cost of Services in Lagos Hospitals

Pregnant Women Lament High Cost of Services in Lagos Hospitals

Lagos is one of the states where free health services are considered priority for women and children, according to the homepage of the website of the State Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget, where health care is 5th on the list.

There, it is stated that the State government will provide free healthcare including free pre-natal and ante-natal care for pregnant women. But the idea of free health services for this vulnerable group may be just on paper as findings show that women are currently paying through their nose to get ante natal services.

Findings at various public health facilities visited in Lagos revealed that the cost of delivery is out of the reach of the poor and middle class who seek the services. One striking thing is that the charges in these hospitals are not uniform even though they are all run by the Lagos State Ministry of Health. The policy of compulsory blood donation is also a source of worry. Read more

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