Presidency, APC warns Father Mbaka against inciting comments

Presidency, APC warns Father Mbaka against inciting comments

The Presidency has issued a warning to Father Mbaka against issuing inciting comments capable of dividing the country.

Mbaka is the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, located in Enugu.

Mbaka, who is seen as a celebrity by his numerous followers, is a force to be reckoned with in the religious circle in the Eastern region.

The cleric recently allegedly called on the National Assembly to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari if he failed to resign over rising insecurity in the country.

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Mbaka, who was said to have made the call at a Church service, where he lamented the state of insecurity across the country, called on the presidency to address the numerous challenges facing the country.

However, in a statement issued on April 30, titled, “Father Mbaka is Everything Apart From What He Claims To Be”, the Presidency spokesman, Shehu Garba, expressed surprise that the cleric made a U-turn after supporting President Muhammadu Buhari in the past.

The Presidency further narrated what transpired saying, “Father Mbaka asked for a meeting and to the shock of Presidential Aides, he came accompanied by three contractors. The President graciously allowed them in, and to everyone’s surprise, Father Mbaka asked for contracts as compensation for his support.

“Anyone familiar with President Buhari knows that he doesn’t break the laid down rules; in dealing with contracts or any other government business for that matter. He also requested the appropriate authorities to deal with the matter in accordance with laid down rules.

“Inside the Villa, discretion prevailed, that if those pictures and also requests were made public; the followers will turn against the religious leader. None of it was released. Now, this is what is eating Father Mbaka,” the Presidency disclosed.

In the same vein, Yekini Nabena, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Deputy National Publicity Secretary, has advised Rev Mbaka, against making statements that can destabilise the country.

Nabena in a statement on Friday in Abuja threatened to report Mbaka to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church; if he continued to cause disaffection for the Federal Government with his utterances.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Mbaka is the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, located in Enugu.

The APC spokesperson said the man of God should have faced his spiritual calling; rather than dabbling into politics, which he knew little or nothing about.

He also advised the cleric to deploy all his known spiritual means; to support the government in addressing various challenges in the country.

He said they should also emulate other true men of God who would rather fast; as well as pray to avert crises in the country instead of threatening the government of the day.

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