Presidency slams calls for sack of security chiefs, blames Libyan crisis for insecurity

Presidency slams calls for sack of security chiefs, blames Libyan crisis for insecurity

The Presidency on Monday, February 17; rejected the call for sack of the nation’s service chiefs; insisting that the armed forces are doing a great job deserving the support and appreciation of all Nigerians.

A spokesman of the Presidency, Garba Shehu made this assertion; while speaking on a current affairs programme on the NTA network ‘Good Morning Nigeria’.

Shehu further stated that the crisis in Libya is responsible for the resurgence of Boko Haram activities in the North East.

Further kicking against the sack of service chiefs; the Presidency aide noted that those calling for their sack do not have the kind of information at the disposal of President Buhari.

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He said: “Our Armed Forces are doing an enormously good job. They are not sitting on their laurels but the challenges have mounted because of factors extraneous to the region and Nigerians should have an appreciation and be sympathetic and see that all of the things about the collapse of Libya is no fairytale.

“Europeans for their competing interests in Libya were dropping weapons into villages in Libya. A lot of these elements have found their way into ungoverned spaces in the Sahel.

“Could it be better with the sacking of the service chiefs? My sense is that the President as the commander-in-chief is not a novice in the first instance.

“He was a military commander, a military head of state and the latitude of opinions intellectual, security, military available to him is not available to most of the critics.

“So, it is wrong of them to interlope in a way and begin to speak on matters of which they do not have the competence to pass judgement. I hope I don’t seem arrogant but I am stating facts as they are.”

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