Problems no dey finish: Here’s a simple solution that worked for me – Ella Temisan

Problems no dey finish: Here’s a simple solution that worked for me – Ella Temisan


I’ve not been doing so well for some time now, especially with all the problems I have encountered recently.


If you’ve been following me, you’ve probably figured this out.


I’d start listing out all the problems that have burdened me recently. But I prefer not to. It’s just bad vibes. Plus, everybody has their own problems. But since I am gisting you; if you count only falling ill, losing my dear Aunt; as well as spending so much money repairing the damages my new iron-fisted cleaner caused; you may understand how I’m feeling.


Problems no dey finish: Here’s a simple solution that worked for me - Ella Temisan


I am tired. I miss my Mummy.


Here’s one thing I don’t appreciate about living in Lagos. The distance you’re forced to put between yourself and your family. Sometimes, I like the distance because I love my space and any disturbance irritates me.


Also, I don’t care for the family drama. The closer you are to extended family; the higher your chances are of being pulled into one sensational drama or the other. There’s also the chance of attracting ‘Village People’ if you associate with them. So, the distance works well for me in that regard.



But when I’m in a fragile state of mind, like I am now; I just want that warm embrace of family. I want my Mummy to fold me into her wrapper and suffocate me with her familiar scent. She doesn’t live in Lagos so; I can’t have that whenever I want. But I have an aunt and some cool cousins. They’ll have to do.

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I went to stay with them for some days. And wow! The things I have missed. I felt like I’d been shoved into a family drama TV show. It was a bit shocking at first but when I got used to it; I realised it was exactly what I needed.



From my Aunt and her husband bickering endlessly with undercover love; to my cousins trying their best to give their Dad a heart attack with their antics; to their house dog stealing footwear and hiding them in the most random corners of the house –  I was in mental health heaven. I didn’t even remember being tired because, at the end of the day; I fell into bed with exhaustion that felt so good, I welcomed it.



It was exactly what I needed.


That’s when I realised that although living in Lagos forces you to become a one-man army; keeping in touch with family is essential for well-being.


My mum is close to my heart. Thanks to GSM technology, my ears as well. We talk every other day and I visit home as frequently as I can. I miss her every day.


Problems no dey finish: Here’s a simple solution that worked for me - Ella Temisan


But I thank God that I have family close by who can fill in the gap. I’m back at my house now after a good week. I am refreshed and almost happy. I hope I can do this again soon.



Why? Dominic Torretto was right. All you need is family.

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