Prophet Gaisie: ‘Pastor who steals, womanizes, not fake’

Prophet Gaisie: ‘Pastor who steals, womanizes, not fake’

The Ghanaian preacher, Prophet Gaisie has opined that engaging in various forms of hedonism as a pastor or man of God is not a sin.

Prophet Gaisie specifically mentioned that God can never condemn a womanizer and an alcoholic.


Gaisie made this known during a recent interview.


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Here is what the preacher stated;

“When a man of God drinks alcohol, it doesn’t make him fake.

When a man of God steals, it doesn’t make him fake.

In fact, When a man of God womanizes or a woman of God has another boyfriend or doesn’t make him/her fake.”

Nigel said if womanizing makes a man of God fake, then David would not have been God’s favourite leader.


He continued;
Every mortal vessel has a weakness, what makes a man of God fake is when he changes his covenant.

If that man of God does not preach Jesus anymore, that is what makes him fake.

“If you say that alcohol is wrong, then condemn David, because David was a chronic drunkard and womanizer,” the man of God said.


Meanwhile, Bishop David Oyedepo, the senior pastor and preacher of Living Faith Church; also known as Winners Gospel has slammed Nigerian youths for being too addicted to their phone.


He stated that youths should use social media to their own advantage rather than wasting away on their cellphones.


Oyedepo had this to say;

“The social media saga has eroded the substance of destiny as it has unconsciously robbed youths of their future as well as their time.

The honour of this generation has been wiped off; chatting all day with no time left to think; plan a programme and engage productively in the pursuit of any task.

Some professionals have classified social media addiction along with drugs; alcohol, and sex.

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