Proposal Gone Wrong: Man who brought band to propose to fiancee meets her with another man

Proposal Gone Wrong: Man who brought band to propose to fiancee meets her with another man

In an episode of a proposal going wrong, a Mexican man was left dazzled after he met his partner with another man.


The man who already organized the proposal with a band and a jubilation team could not believe his eyes when he witnessed what played out through the silhouette of the window.


In the video which has a Latino setting; the man who arrived at his girlfriend’s apartment with musicians caught her giving fellatio to an unidentified man.


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She was seen at the end of the video looking out from the window and quickly withdrawing after spotting her boyfriend.


Equally important, Reno Omokri is an author and lawyer.


Omokri was the host of Transformation with Reno Omokri, a Christian teaching TV show broadcast on San Francisco’s KTLN and Detroit’s Impact Network.


He is the founder of a multimedia project, Build Up Nigeria, and has produced a series of short films in the U.S.


The former presidential aide told his followers never be too nice.


According to him, niceness doesn’t get anyone far in life, instead, it brings disrespect from people.


Here is what he wrote:

Being a nice person gets you nowhere.

* Be a wise person
*you should be a wealthy person

In fact, Be a successful person

* Be a purposeful person
* Be a principled person

Yes, be anything, but don’t be nice.

Niceness leads to uselessness!

Think of one nice person you respect.

You can’t. Why? Because no one respects nice people!. If you want to be respected, you must stand for something. And once you stand for something, you are no longer nice!” He wrote.

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