Proposal gone wrong

Proposal gone wrong


Not every marriage proposal goes as intended.


Big shoutout to all the men that always propose to their partners in cinemas, at the mall, the beach and even on the street.


Maximum respect to these folks!


Most of these men that propose to their partners in public areas usually don’t know their fate. They just go all out and risk it all, they want to seal the deal.


While several men have successfully managed to seal the deal with their beaus and elevated their relationship to the next level, whatever that means, some have been unlucky. They get rejected. These men either received a big ‘NO’ or their partners simply left them stranded in the middle of nowhere.




Within a moment, all beautiful things come crashing down. The usually egoistical man can longer play the role of being alpha; his back is hunched and his head is bowed in defeat. It is unfortunate that a lot of men find out that their women don’t want to spend the rest of their life with them. The internet is littered with sadistic clips of partners walking out on their lovers who want to write a ‘happily ever after’ narrative.


Watch this video below.



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The day the proposal went wrong

It was the final day of the decade, Tuesday, December 31, I was at Spurs outlet in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos to grab a cup of ice cream and chicken with a friend of mine. I and my friend were caught up in a gist until we began to hear loud cheers from other consumers in the room.


We turned round to see what was ongoing, of course, a man wanted to seal the deal before the decade reached its climax. He was on his knees asking for her hand in marriage.


For a moment, the lady was expectedly shocked! stunned and a stare of disbelief written across her face.


Everyone urged the young lady to accept the young lady’s proposal… Hmmm.


Unfortunately, she responded with a heartbreaking ‘NO’. The young lady shed tears afterwards, she said she was sorry as she picked her bag before she absconded from the scene.


This must have been one of the most devastating moments in the life of the young man. These things happen, hearts get broken and souls drown in the pool of despondency.


Indeed, life is unfair.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day

On Friday, February 14, several partners would be looking to pulsate their relationships. All the best to everyone that wants to take it to the next level, perhaps sexually or simply put a ring on her finger.

Valentine’s day is coming, prepare your flowers and other largesse. In the meantime, we pray and hope that love finds everyone that seeks it.


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