Psquare should never have broken up – Abiodun Nkwocha

Psquare should never have broken up – Abiodun Nkwocha



There was no need for the much-talked-about Psquare break-up when you look at the larger scope of things.



They were a superstar group. There just isn’t any duo like them in all of Africa. They had tons of hits and were amazing performers.



When their katakata started, we were all reluctant to believe it. It must be a publicity stunt. They have new music and they want us focused on the music.



But it became dirty. With slurs flung all around. Accusations and counter accusations. Barbed messages and cryptic captions. Very soon, it was clear to us that this wasn’t a stunt or a small squabble. If not that I am mature with big problems of my own; honestly, I would have shared tears on the matter.



When family fights, it is not pretty. It is also because so many matters were never addressed. We keep compiling hurts and ills till we are sitting on a volcano that is ripe.



Then it explodes and the damage is irreparable. People are hurt all around. So many innocent people get affected. Such rifts are carried and passed down to the next generation who then inherit a beef they did not create.


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So, when we began to accept the Psquare split, I started thinking that perhaps this was for the best. We are not in a very sentimental era. People protect their peace. People are actively seeking to be in spaces that are mentally good for them. We don’t just carry unnecessary load. We keep what is too much for us down. This is why divorce rates are high. No one wants to do the suffer head our parents did.



We have always been able to identity toxicity. But nowadays, we are encouraged to avoid toxic people and situations.



Because it seemed like the twins being together was affecting their well-being; I started thinking that maybe it was for the best. If I don’t feel respected or I am in a place that I don’t feel valued, I will leave. I want to be happy not eternally seeking love and validation from people.

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Abeg, if it is that Paul and Jude did not like Lola, then Peter should protect his wife and mother of his children. If it was that anyone’s contribution to the group was being played down; then is it not better to walk away to find your place of value?



While it saddened me that the Psqure twins were no longer together, I accepted it. I belong to at least three family units. The one my father created. The one my husband was created in and the one we created together.



If I sit down and tell you the wahala that has happened in all these units, you should not be shocked. We are all in imperfect families.



I vaguely remember when my mum seemed to be going through wahala with her in-laws. My father deduced the behavior of his family towards her as a lack of respect for him. He stopped them from visiting for quite a while. Things were later resolved.



But when they came back, they knew what was up. Disrespect his wife and be gone. When my dad passed on, one of his brothers chose not to relate with us till we all came and bowed to Baal (him). My mother vowed never to grovel before him. That was how he was cut off from us till her death.



She realized that some relationships were draining us and had nothing of value to add. They did not come around because of love. So, she chose to relate to only those she felt truly cared for us. That is my mum.



As I am speaking to you, there are family members in any of the units that I mentioned that are no longer in contact with the rest of the unit.



This hurts but we accept things.


When Psquare surprised us by reuniting, I genuinely allowed a few tears of joy to flow.

Psquare should never have broken up – Abiodun Nkwocha



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Peace is always good. Reconciliation is better than war. It is always noble when both sides keep down their swords.


For whatever reason, it is good that Peter and Paul of the famous Psquare are back together. Let them roll it together. Make we dey see how them go control it. They should not give the devil a chance. Dis devil na temptation with a little confusion. They should learn forgiveness, no be everything be do me, I do you. God dey vex sometimes. May they never see danger, nobody likes it wen wahala dey. They should stand against people that are busy body, because if they don’t, sapa go chop their money


As you can see, I am a fan.


I am glad they are back together. It has actually inspired me to start to pray for family members who are hurt and have decided not to associate with the family unit. May we find ways of mending fences and may we find pathways to live in peace with family. Amen.


Abeg, who go buy me Psquare ticket?

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