Putin could skip G20 summit over fears of another ‘slap in the face’

Putin could skip G20 summit over fears of another ‘slap in the face’

Vladimir Putin will probably skip the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, because his spies have informed him that a foreign leader plans to “slap him in the face” over the conflict in Ukraine.

Although the Russian president has not yet indicated whether he will travel to Indonesia for the conference, it is improbable.

However, a Telegram channel claiming to have insider information from the Kremlin sensationally claimed today that a foreign intelligence agency had informed the Russian leader in a report that one anonymous G20 participant planned to “hit him in the face with an open palm in a personal meeting.”

This leader was also intent on demonstrating his attitude towards him as a war criminal and scoundrel.

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“This person said, quite openly in his circle; that he was ready to seek a personal meeting with Putin at the summit; even bypassing the protocol,” said the post.

The material was presented to Putin as unmistakably matching reality, intents, and plans, and other sources backed it up. A slap in the face in public will amount to humiliation and Putin is not ready to take that chance.

The G20 summit will take place on November 15 and 16. It will see world leaders convene in the Indonesian province of Bali.

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