Putin says Ukraine invasion caused by West

Putin says Ukraine invasion caused by West

Vladimir Putin has once again blamed the West for Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Putin revealed this in the ongoing Brics summit.

According to the analysis of the Russian leader, the crisis started with the change of government in Ukraine in 2014. Putin called that change of administration a “coup d’etat”.

Following the transition of power, Russia forcibly grabbed Crimea, used proxies to seize territory in eastern Ukraine; and in 2022 began its gruesome full-scale invasion.

“Russia decided to support people that fight for their culture, for their traditions, for their language, and for their future,” he claims.

He says Russia’s actions in Ukraine are desigined to put “put an end to the war that was unleashed by the West against people in Donbas [in eastern Ukraine]”.

After blaming the West for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Putin says a priority for Brics is the establishment of new, sustainable, safe transport routes, such as the “north-south corridor” that would link Russian ports to sea terminals in the gulf and Indian ocean.

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He also discusses “bolstered partnership in science and innovation, healthcare, education, the development of humanitarian ties in general, cultural and civilisational diversity”.

Meanwhile, as the summit is ongoing, so is the war in Ukraine and reports have it that Ukraine has hit a Russian air defence missile system in a strike near the village of Olenivka, western Ukraine.

They say there was an explosion around 10am local time (08:00 BST).

“This is a painful blow to the air defence system of the occupiers,” Ukraine’s defence ministry said in a short statement. Russia is yet to comment on the incident.

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