Putin sends his ‘invisible’ T-14 Armata tanks to Ukraine for the first time

Putin sends his ‘invisible’ T-14 Armata tanks to Ukraine for the first time

Russian RIA state news agency claimed Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian military has begun employing an intimidating new combat tank in an effort to put a stop to the resolute Ukrainian defenses.

Although the T-14 Armata have not yet taken part in any direct assault operations, they have been upgraded with more side armor. Meanwhile, their crews have trained in “combat coordination” in Ukraine.

The crew controls the vehicle’s array of weaponry remotely from a solitary armored capsule in the front of the hull.

In 2015, the tank’s designers asserted that it was the first invisible tank ever made.

The T-14 can achieve a maximum speed of 80 kilometres (50 miles) per hour on a clear stretch of road.

Additionally, the T-14 is larger and heavier than other Russian tanks, which would create logistical challenges for its deployment.

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According to the British military, using the T-14 tank would be a risky decision for Russia; and it would only be done for propaganda purposes because there are doubts about its reliability in combat.

The British military said, “Production is probably only in the low tens; while commanders are unlikely to trust the vehicle in combat.

“Eleven years in development; the programme has been dogged with delays, reduction in planned fleet size, and reports of manufacturing problems.”

It comes as Ukrainian military intelligence has reported Russian troops taking up defensive positions in most areas of the frontline as the Kremlin braces for Kyiv’s anticipated Spring offensive.

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