Quantum computing and weaponization of technology – Chris Uwaje

Quantum computing and weaponization of technology – Chris Uwaje


Weaponization of ignorance – What is it?  In other words, is Quantum Computing another Tech-Pandemic waiting to happen? How long will it take? How would we get there?


The foregoing questions seem to be encapsulated in our collective Ignorance-of-Things! Things like the Big Bang that science now tells us that the Universe is 13.8 billion years old! The irony of this piece is stimulated by the fact that we cannot conjure a world of sole positivity without its negative elements. However, when the equilibrium is lost, then it takes us on a ride of no-return to sanity.


Entanglement in the dawn of technology has further exposed the state of human ignorance and her irreversible addiction to the trajectory of the unknown future of civilization. A trajectory with the possibility of blowing our collective world into thin air and /or uplifting her into a magical carpet for an unannounced journey. A quantum expedition far away from Planet Earth and beyond Mars. This challenging state of technology development confronts all of us to interrogate what is technology and what it is not – to what it should be!




Quantum computing and weaponization of technology - Chris Uwaje



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The concept of “the weaponization of information” coasting into the pandemic trajectory needs to be further researched and developed rationally with greater urge for sustainable clarity. Another school of thought reminds us that: ‘The weaponization of information’ alerts us to the re-thinking process about the very conscious use of information to advance and achieve various goals. Moreover, it prompts us to reflect on the new opportunities offered by modern information technology. Meanwhile, we must admit that: ‘Words also shoot’.




Today, technology has further accelerated the race to weaponize unfiltered information across board. Quantum Computing must be religiously guarded and not allowed to turn into twin Quantum Supremacy; essentially configured for dominance, economic control, and denial of human rights. Experience teaches us that it represents everything hidden in the ordinary negatives but spiked in positive complexities under the Sun!



Join me to explore the unknowns and refresh our technology ignorance of the Quantum world.



According to Arthur Herman, ‘Winning the Race in Quantum Computing’, “Imagine a computer solving the mathematical problems that today’s fastest supercomputers can’t begin to unlock; in less than a blink of an eye. Imagine a technology that can enable an observer to see through walls or see into the darkest depths of the world’s oceans. Imagine a technology that can build essentially un-hackable global networks, while rendering an antagonist’s most secret data instantly transparent.



All these are characteristics of quantum computers and quantum technology, which will define the future of global information technology for decades, possibly centuries, to come. It represents a revolution as profound as any in modern history, and it’s one on which we stand at the brink, with all its promise and threats.”


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Since the Second World War, technology has accelerated the hidden ignorance of humanity. However, in search of the unknown, emerging technology knowhow has delivered both exponential benefits and damages to our world. British cryptanalyst experts like Alan Turing worked on the Enigma Machine at the Bletchley Park site; which housed the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), designated as Station X.


Available records such as Jozef Garlinski’s ‘The Enigma War’; Kahn On Codes: Secrets of the New Cryptology David Kahn, etc. reveal that the intelligence unit which distributed the enigma-deciphered messages was called Ultra. And that during the Battle of Britain, British RAF commanders knew beforehand when and where the German raids would go. Consequently, the threat of an invasion was prevented.





Quantum computing and weaponization of technology - Chris Uwaje



Records further reveal that Lieutenant General Montgomery, commander of the British 8th Army, used Ultra intelligence during the North African Campaign; which helped him defeat Field Marshall Rommel’s Africa Corps. From 1943, the amount of sinking German U-boats increased because of Bletchley’s Park’s work in combination with increased convoy protection. Ever since, the race to technology supremacy for power and control has intensified.



Today, we are upscaling tech-innovation with quantum computing. A dense technology knowhow; equipped with the potential to reshape the world and provoke a new and complex arm race never witnessed before. Though we are in the early stages of quantum technology; there exists the possibilities of this technology to enable and provide major super-powers the potential to redefine the future of global warfare.




Based on MAJ René G. Berendsen’s submission on the Weaponization of Quantum Mechanics: Quantum Technology in Future Warfare; history has shown that new technologies can significantly change the face of future wars.


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Quantum computing and weaponization of technology - Chris Uwaje



Today, we are experiencing the speed of innovation and the emergence of technologies made possible by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR); which would be predominantly dominated by Quantum Computing; – creating the new phenomenon such as 5th New Generation Networks with ability to deliver quantum communications. This requires massive build-up and deep-skill collaboration between scientists, mathematicians, physicists, the military and political endorsement.



Therefore, it is necessary to consider the Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning as deep learning evolves further and moves from concept to commercialization. The rapid acceleration in computing power; memory, big data, and high-speed communication is intensifying the research for AI chips. Currently, finding from autonomous weapons system (AWS) shows that the sector is accelerating rapidly.



Question to ask, is Artificial intelligence is leading us toward a new battlefield anchored in algorithmic warfare with no boundaries? And will the hidden spheres of the unknown to weaponize future applications controlled by machines reveal the fault-lines and ignorance in the weaponization of complex abilities of AI on humanity?



The above is against the backdrop that the initial states of R&D, usually do not exhibit its ultimate goal and consequences. Therein lies the complex digital security challenges and concern. Possibilities are that with the dense accumulation of big data; future digital devices will possess the ability to mimic human beings across the network; performing communication tasks configured from the emotional intelligence and behavioural data-bank storage of millions of humans by Quantum Computer machines.




Quantum computing and weaponization of technology - Chris Uwaje


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As we are aware, it has become noticeable that many apps unintentionally leak sensitive data frequently. This is a minute example arising from consequences of either inferior design, poor implementation, and/or user’s failure to initiate updates. All these have increased the vulnerability of mobile phones relative insecurity. They have now become the most susceptible node in a network designed to generate and exploit user-data and share it with a wide range of actors.


These concerns are noticeable from the stable of device manufacturers, operating system vendors, researchers, content-creators, software and app-designers; as well as phone companies and partner networks, etc.


While there is a spark of hope that humanity will get it relatively right to moderate the dangers ahead; there are serious concerns. Going by the Hiroshima A-bomb experience, AI revelations and unknown risks on emerging complex technologies; truth is, our current challenges, assumptions, and ignorance of the embedded unknowns of Quantum Technology are as complex as our current understanding of the Big Bang and the Black Hole!


Will the advancing takeover of robots after the demise of its creators bring solace?

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