Rape and false rape accusations are equally bad – Viola Okolie

Rape and false rape accusations are equally bad – Viola Okolie


Sometimes, I get the impression that the smarter phones (and technology) get, the dafter a considerable proportion of the people who use them get to be. This is especially considering its effect in arguments on rape and rape accusations.


It is almost like humans feel the technology is smart for all of us. Why worry our heads with thinking and acting like rational human beings?


Case in point: a young female lawyer (to be) tweets that she can’t wait to round off Law school. Her reason. So she can commence actively prosecuting women who FALSELY ACCUSE MEN OF RAPE. One would have thought that reading that, the entirety of humanity would have given her a standing ovation. What’s more, existing lawyers would have hurried to steal and implement her ideas. That’s because trust me, that is a niche market; but no.


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A large proportion of humans using smart phones descended on the poor young lady. Interestingly, 99.99% of these were females. The remaining 0.01% being the official Twitter handle of Nigerian feminists . They berated her for everything imaginable under the sun. Most of their insults centered around the word “ignorance”.




Rape and False Accusations of Rape Are Equally Bad



No, how can a lawyer decide to seek conviction for women who do this? How? Are there no ambulances for her to chase in Nigeria? What of “charge and bail”? Is that not a market without an elastic limit?


Okay, what if she decides to attach herself to politicians and be chasing mandate up and down? Will that not work better for her than seeking to ensure justice is served to people falsely accused of a crime?


Think about it.


In this era where a woman carries her church mind and leaves her location and travels to another to go visit a man she has been sexting. She initiated foreplay and aft play. Allows the man go down on her. She permits penetration… and then her bubble bursts when the man comes too soon. And this is before she can get satisfaction.


This same woman now thinks about this consensual sexual encounter afterwards. She consults one or two of her friends (and like we often see, the entirety of her Twitter followership). Then someone calmly explains to her that if she did not experience orgasm, it was rape.




The poor guy who should apply for admittance into the same WhatsApp group as Churchill as his only crime seems to be being a 40 secs or less man; now struggles to clear his name.


And of course, the general public refuses to give him audience. This is on the basis that if someone claims to have been raped, then she must have been raped. Just like that, lives and reputations are lost and ruined, simply because aunty boarded the flight to cloud 9, but the motor knocked engine before she could ascend.


Crying wolf with rape?




We could go back in history and dig up stories of people who were falsely accused of rape. We can also examine how that ruined their lives forever. Where do we start from?


The haunting case of the Scottsboro Boys? Where nine black boys between the ages of 13 to 20 were accused of raping two white girls. All but eight of them were sentenced to death.


What about the Groveland Four? Again, four black men accused in 1949 of the rape of a white woman. All died with the baseless accusation still hovering over their heads. Sadly, a recanting of this grievous allegation only came in 2017.


This was 68 horrible and horrifying years after the first allegations were made. Some of the men served out prison terms. Some were murdered and mobbed – ALL on a false allegation.


Brian Banks is a former footballer whose promising career suddenly ground to a halt after he was falsely accused of rape. He spent close to six years wrongfully imprisoned over those false accusations.


There are a lot of cases of people falsely accused of rape and whose lives sadly changed forever. But there was pardon when these charges were found to be false and reversed. The false accusers were made to restitute (punished) for maliciously ruining another person’s life.


Now, are there rape allegations that are true?


Is that even a question that requires an answer? Far far more than the mind can even fathom in terms of numbers of rape cases. Rape happens everyday all over the world. Sadly, not all of them are reported or even prosecuted, but…


This does not somehow balance out the equation for people who are wrongly accused and lose their lives and reputations over baseless accusations.




Not toppling the apple cart over in retaliation for years of subjugation.


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Treat all humans equally and equitably.


In other words, pursue as actively as you pursue all cases of rape; all cases of false rape accusations.


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Anything short of that, is witchcraft.


And to the baby lawyer who wishes to make that the focus of her foray into the legal world…We say “more elbows to your grease”.


Full steam ahead, do not be deterred.


As much as every victim of rape deserves justice; everyone who has been falsely accused of rape also deserves justice.


And those who like to cry wolf also need to be strongly deterred. This is because, believe it or not; they distract, diffuse and subtract from the focus in bringing issues of sexual violence and rape to justice.



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