Reason why you sweat so much? Experts reveal

Reason why you sweat so much? Experts reveal


Ever finish off a 20-minute aerobics blast and feel yourself doused in sweat – even though it’s not like you were going that hard? Stress not: ‘why do I perspire so much’ is a common question? Brace for the answer


First of all: it’s not an indicator of fitness.


‘Perspiration is simply a function of your body’s heat-regulating system,’ explains human performance coach Tom Middlebrough.



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‘The more you sweat, the more physiologically efficient your body is.’ In fact, sweat is an indication that you’ve triggered excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is the process of restoring your body to its resting rate of metabolic function, ensuring you continue to torch calories after you’ve exercised, according to the journal Sports Medicine.


Hair flick.


So, you’ve lost the internalised sweat stigma, fist bump. Still, dripping on to your keyboard post-run ain’t ideal.


To stay hydrated, swig water before and during your workout and make time for a 10-minute cool-down.



How to sweat less

Why? Well, it’s important because: ‘Stop abruptly and your body diverts blood to the digestive system and other organs, so less will go towards helping cool down your muscles,’ says Middlebrough – which means you’ll continue to sweat for longer.


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Finally, if you’re blow-drying your hair, place a cold towel on the back of your neck, which is the most efficient spot for cooling you down, thanks to its proximity to the heat-regulating centre of your brain.

Then go forth and embrace that, er, glow.



Article first appeared on Women’s Health Magazine

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