Reasons alone time is important in a relationship

Reasons alone time is important in a relationship



We’ve all had that feeling of being absolutely in love during the first few months of a relationship. People tend to fall head-over-heels for their new beau during this honeymoon stage, wanting to spend every moment of every day with them.


As sweet as it all is, it’s important not to get too attached that you forget about your life before them.


Top 5 reasons that alone time is important in a relationship:


1. Put the balance in place – in the first few weeks of a new relationship, it’s common for couples to want to be with each other all the time.

It’ll quickly level out and settle into routine though, so it’s important for both of you to understand that balance is required from the very beginning.

This key principal will continue into other aspects of your relationship too, so it’s a great place to start.



Reasons alone time is important in a relationship


2. Keeps things interesting – having time apart allows you and your partner to stay interested in each other.

It means that when you do spend time together, there is lots to talk about as you catch each other up on what you’ve been up to.

You never know how much you appreciate being with the other person until you can’t, so it’ll also lead to a stronger bond between you.


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3. Don’t lose your social life – don’t give up your hobbies and friends just because you’ve met someone new. Make an effort to continue your hobbies.

Not only do your friends and family want to see you, but they’ll also be a handy resource for those times you want to talk about the relationship with someone else.


4. Being needy is unattractive – no one person is capable of fulfilling each and every need you have. So, it’s important to not get into the habit of expecting the world from them.

Even if you enjoy spending every minute with your partner, they might not feel the same way.

A bit of space can keep the relationship strong and gives you the space you need to become more independent and self-sufficient.


5. Learn to be alone – being with the same person 24 hours a day can become quite wearing.

You should look at a relationship as being the icing on the cake; but not the cake itself. The cake is your life, which you need to make as tasty as you can through other means.



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