Reckless Kashmir move to have consequences that India can’t control: China

Reckless Kashmir move to have consequences that India can’t control: China

Reckless India’s unilateral decision on Kashmir is a ‘geo-political trickery’ that may have ‘actual consequences that India can’t control’, Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times said in an editorial.

Warning India that “a nationalist India has no future” in an editorial titled ‘Unilateral move will incur risks for India’, Global Times said: “New Delhi is too reckless on border issues. It keeps taking unilateral actions and breaking the status quo with impact on the regional situation.

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“Its actions challenge surrounding countries’ interests, but it wants these countries to swallow the provocation and accept the new facts made by India,” it said.

“If New Delhi uses nationalism to support its reckless diplomatic moves, a vicious spiral will be launched,” the editorial warned.

“New Delhi is much too confident. India’s 2019 general elections consolidated the Modi administration’s power and status,” it said.

The Global Times,known to carry the views of the ruling Communist Party, also said that opposition to India’s decision by “Pakistan and Muslims in India-controlled Kashmir may have actual consequences”.

“If the Muslims collectively oppose India’s move, it is hard for India’s system to control the situation. We do not see that India has the political and other resources to fully take over the area.”

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Accusing the US and the West of “conniving with India”, it alleged that “India also thinks China is busy at the trade war and the Belt and Road Initiative, and so it is a good time to act on border issues”.

Kashmir is a disputed area in which three large India-Pakistan wars broke out in the 20th century. Pakistan is mostly impacted by India’s move,” it said.

“It would be “unimaginable if Pakistan does not take strong countermeasures,” it added.

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