Relationship advice from a couple that’s been married for 72 years

Relationship advice from a couple that’s been married for 72 years

When it comes to what sustains a relationship, no one knows better than those who have experienced almost-perfect relationships. Mr and Mrs Lombardi, a couple both 95 years old, and have been married for 72 years  shared 14 tips that kept them going.

  1. Just love each other.

Live by the philosophy of choosing love, even when it’s not an easy choice.

  1. Compliment each other often.

Say something nice to your spouse every day. Compliment anything from their beauty to their cooking, or even how helpful they are.

  1. Have a good sex life.

Yes, even at 95-years-old! Make intimacy a priority in your marriage.

  1. Live near family.

There is nothing like family to raise your children around and to grow old with.

  1. Limit eating out, eat good food, watch your sugar intake.

Take it from this couple, who can still ride bikes in their 90s, there is nothing like homemade food to keep you happy and healthy.

  1. Never cheat.

Whether emotionally or physically, just don’t do it.

These real-life marriage experts insist that before you commit to someone, you have to realize that you are doing so in every way for the rest of your lives. So even when tempted, you must remain faithful.

  1. Never go to bed mad.

“Just kiss” is their antidote to going to bed angry. They insist it’s just that simple. Try it!

  1. Be OK with arguing.

Know that disagreeing is a normal part of every relationship. You aren’t always going to agree, but you do need to hear the other person out, and be okay with your differences. Then move on without holding a grudge. They’ve been able to do it for seven decades!

  1. Respect each other.

Besides love, it goes without saying that a key to happy marriage is trulyadmiring and valuing your spouse. In good times and in bad.

  1. Keep a nice home.

Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi believe that it’s very important to have a clean, orderly home that is reflective of your life. If it’s messy and disorganized, it’s likely you have chaos in your life.

  1. Be good parents.

Part of showing love to your children is providing your kids with an education. Though Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi insist that you shouldn’t put pressure on your kids to college, not everyone is cut out for a college education and learning a trade is important, too.

  1. Marry good genes.

Enough said here!

  1. Be sure that your faith beliefs bring you together and don’t divide you.

Share those beliefs with your children so that they may be guided in strong values and purpose.

  1. Take the good with the bad.

No one is perfect, and as they say, the grass is not greener. Always remember to love the one you’re with!


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