Rema stands apart from contemporaries with new ‘Freestyle’ EP

Rema stands apart from contemporaries with new ‘Freestyle’ EP

Emerging Mavins record label superstar, Rema has set himself apart from his contemporaries with his recent compilation release, ‘Freestyle’. Rema stands out from his peers with this new effort.


In March 2018, the 18-year-old youngster released his first compilation project. It was titled Rema EP. The EP contained fascinating songs such as ‘Iron man’, ‘Corny’, ‘Why’ and the groundbreaking ‘Dumebi’.


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Rema is an embodiment of a stylized designer. He is a painter that defines the aesthetics on a canvas.


Interestingly, the youngster has the propensity of a Trap musician. This perhaps describes his musical influence and concept of vocal delivery.


If you listen to the Mavins act on the radio, you will easily mistake him for American Trap lyricists. Notable names here include 6ix9ine, Kodak Black and the late rapper, XXXtencacion.


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Rema stands out as well for his fashion ideology. Apparently, this is derived from the western world. Incidentally, his cornrow hairstyle, choice of necklace and long shiny earrings testify to this.


However, his swag and charisma differ from his peers. While there are hundreds of ‘Next Wizkid’, Rema is carving his own niche and building his own legacy.


Rema stands out from the rest of the field



He is willing to take the risk and avoid the simplicity of a ‘one-styled’ man.


Yes, Rema belongs in a league of his own.


Although Rema fits into the Trap musical genre, he still knows his roots. Definitely, he can still connect with the audience that loves dancehall music.


He can also be categorized simply as an Afrobeat singer with a mix of R&B fragments.


Rema cannot be pigeonholed into a category. His songs are delectable to the ear and crispy to the soul. Fans always want to put him on repeat.


Freestyle EP



Rema was discovered on social media by D’Prince. D’Prince is CEO of Jonzing World, an imprint of Don Jazzy’s Mavins Record label.


Don Jazzy revealed that his brother, D’Prince saw the talented youngster on social media. D’Prince was impressed by his musical prowess and rap fluency. Don Jazzy disclosed this in an interview.


The freestyle videos that emerged on the internet would be remastered by the label and released as a 4-track EP.


The four-track EP consists of his viral shotgun freestyle sessions that showcase his versatility as an artist with an expansive sonic cadence.


You can listen to the EP below.



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