‘Remember your campaign promises to Nigerians’ – Tinubu advises Buhari

‘Remember your campaign promises to Nigerians’ – Tinubu advises Buhari

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu has implored President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure he works towards improving the nation’s economy.

Tinubu made this appeal during his speech at the colloquium held in commemoration of his 67th birthday where he said the “Next Level” is not a phrase that should quickly be discarded once victory has been achieved, adding that it has much deeper and profound meaning.

He said it must be seen as a part of the global world in which progressive politicians are trying to help the people change things for the better.

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“Our pursuit of the Next Level cannot be achieved by blindly following the economic path of other nations,” he said.

“Instead, we must construct our Next Level on a progressive ideology and vision that will take our people out of penury, diversify our economy more aggressively, empower and retrain our youth.

“To be the great nation we purport to be, we must reform and retool our economy according to our definition of what is best for our own people. We cannot assign that duty to anyone else.

“Next Level is not just a trendy campaign phrase to be quickly discarded once victory has been achieved.”

The APC leader said the government must “work for the people in a way that enables them to better work for themselves.”

“We must amend our basic ideas about the economy. We must divorce ourselves from our fixation with GDP rates and similar statistics.

“We have misinterpreted these road maps by treating them as if they were the destination itself,” he said.

Singling out infrastructure as an important sector for the government to focus on, he said the country’s most important infrastructural demand is power.

“Affordable and reliable power will drive the industrialization that shall provide jobs in our cities and produce needed goods for all our people,” he said.

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