Reno Omokri: Being a nice person leads to uselessness

Reno Omokri: Being a  nice person leads to uselessness

Social media commentator and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has a nugget for individuals who are perceived as being nice.


According to Reno Omokri, it is important for people to have a plan and take their lives seriously; in his Twitter post, he admonished his followers not to waste their time on being nice.


He stated that it leads to uselessness and does not make anyone noble.


He stated this in a post shared on his Twitter page.


Reno mentioned that there are numerous things to become, hence, people should not focus on the entirety of their lives on trying to make others happy.


Here is what he wrote:


Being a nice person gets you nowhere.

* Be a wise person
*you should be a wealthy person

In fact, Be a successful person

* Be a purposeful person
* Be a principled person

Yes, be anything, but don’t be nice.

Niceness leads to uselessness!

Think of one nice person you respect.

You can’t. Why? Because no one respects nice people!. If you want to be respected, you must stand for something. And once you stand for something, you are no longer nice!” He wrote.


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Reno Omokri


This post is coming several days after the former presidential aide admonished Nigerians to focus on evicting poverty rather than the popular reality show, Big Brother Naija.


At the time, he wrote:

“You are so focused on who gets evicted from the #BBNaija house.

If only you were as focused on getting poverty evicted from your life.

For 2 months, you suspended your life to focus on BBN.

Others used that time to suspend poverty from their life.”


He continued;


“The price of rice has increased by 60% since July, when #BBNaija started.

Many youths have made millions buying rice from Kebbi and Jigawa and selling it in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

But, all you can boast of in that time is being up to date on BBN!

In the last 2 months, you have thought and talked more about #BBNaija, than about your life’s purpose.

If there was a PhD in BBN, you would have earned it, along with a Masters in Poverty.

Don’t you know your life follows your dominant thoughts?”


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