Reno Omokri blasts Ohanaeze for supporting Peter Obi in feud with Soludo

Reno Omokri blasts Ohanaeze for supporting Peter Obi in feud with Soludo

Reno Omokri, a sociopolitical activist, on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 denounced the action taken by the leading Igbo sociocultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, to drag Charles Soludo, the incumbent governor of Anambra State, to two deities over his recent outbursts against Peter Obi, the candidate for the Labour Party’s presidential nomination.

While criticizing Soludo’s attack on Obi, Ohanaeze’s Secretary-General, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, said in a statement on Tuesday that the governor will be held accountable for his conduct.

1st News had reported on Monday that Soludo verbally attacked Obi over claimed opposition from Labour Party members who were incensed by the Governor’s recent remark that Obi’s investment in the state was practically nothing.

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In a lengthy post published on Monday, the governor predicted that Peter Obi will lose the upcoming election in February; claiming that switching parties would not be in his best interests.

Ohanaeze, on the other hand, claimed that Soludo had been led to two potent deities; namely Chokoleze in Mbaise and Ubiniukpabi in Arochuku, and that his actions were absurd, irrational, and premature.

Specifically, Reno Omokri, a fervent supporter of Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate, responded, via a tweet, that Ohanaezes’ action showed tribalism.

He wrote, “Why would Ohana’eze Ndi’Igbo threaten to curse Governor Charles Soludo for criticising Peter Obi? Does it mean Obi is now officially an Igbo candidate? That is saying a lot to the rest of Nigeria.

“Many Yorubas, including serving and former Governors, criticise Tinubu! Afenifere has never threatened to curse them! Many Northerners, including serving and former Senators, criticise Atiku.

“The Arewa Consultative Forum and the Northern Elders Forum never threatened them. In fact, a faction of Afenifere even endorsed Peter Obi.

“This act of Ohana’eze Ndi’Igbo is sending a very wrong message to Nigeria at a time when we are moving away from tribal politics, to ideology-based politics.”

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