Reno Omokri drags those equating a closed fist from men to a closed leg from women

Reno Omokri drags those equating a closed fist from men to a closed leg from women

Former presidential aide and social media commentator, Reno Omokri has berated women for threatening to close their legs to the members of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria,  SMAN.


Reno said women equating money from men to sex from women is simply an affirmation of prostitution.


Reno Omokri wrote:

“This Stingy Women Association, where slay queens counter the Stingy Men Association, by saying if men, who are not married to them, don’t give them money, they will close their legs, is proof of what I have been teaching all these years.

That is prostitution. Let us not sugar coat truth! There is no co-relation between opening your legs and getting money, other than prostitution.

Any girl who subscribes to that, whether jokingly, or otherwise, is affirming harlotry.

If you need money, open a business, not your legs!”


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The association called Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN) consists of men who are stingy and not willing to spend on any woman.


Monday, January 11 served as the unofficial launching of the to the association for stingy men in Nigeria. It gained prominence on the social media platform, Twitter.


The motto for the association is “I will see what I can do”.


Their round logo shows a fist showing solidarity for their cause and a clause below that reads; “Don’t give shishi” which means, don’t give anything.

Many attached their images to the logo while giving themselves designations; these designations range from Chief whip to secretary, to chairman, and many more. Some also went as far as printing the I.D card.

Check out the images below.


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