‘Reports on visa restrictions for Nigerians inaccurate’ – UAE

‘Reports on visa restrictions for Nigerians inaccurate’ – UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Thursday, April 4 has explained it didn’t place an embargo on the issuance of three-month tourist visa to Nigerian passport holders.

This was disclosed via the Twitter page of the UAE Embassy in Nigeria.

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“These news are inaccurate and stresses the importance of sourcing news from its official channel,” the tweet reads.

News on social media claimed that Nigerian passport holders were no longer eligible to “3 months UAE visa”. Instead, the visa will be restricted to just one month.

The news was given undue credence after it was shared by many Nigerian influencers.

The rumoured suspension followed the arrest of five Nigerians for armed robbery in UAE’s third largest city Sharjah

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