Reps move closer to creating new commission to combat arms proliferation

Reps move closer to creating new commission to combat arms proliferation

The House of Reps has passed through second reading a bill which seeks to create a commission that will combat arms proliferation.

The bill will domesticate the “convention on small arms and light weapon if it becomes law”.

Mohammed Monguno sponsored the bill.

Speaking in support of the bill, Yusuf Gagdi (APC, Plateau) said that aside from the importation of weapons, local blacksmiths are contributing to the proliferation of arms.

He added that the cost implication of the creation of the commission will be offset by the benefits.

“If you know the implication of local made arms and ammunition, you will then understand the importance of this bill. The contributions of local arms are more dangerous than AK 47 assault rifles.

“It is important to look into the activities of the local blacksmiths. No matter the cost implication, the benefits of the commission will offset the cost.”

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Further, Abubakar Faggo from Bauchi state disclosed that if the police cannot combat arms proliferation, then others should be given the opportunity to curb it.

“Insecurity is the biggest threat facing this country. This is because those who are not supposed to possess guns have them. If the police can not do it, then we should give others the function.”

Also speaking on the bill, Akin Alabi said, “There is no doubting the noble intention of the bill. My concern is what will happen to the Nigeria Police Act which already domiciled the responsibility with the police.

“My suggestion will be to create a special unit within the Nigeria Police Force to deal with arms proliferation. The same way we have Anti Robbery Squad or Anti Kidnapping Unit.”

The bill was put to vote by the Speaker of Reps and the “ayes” had it.

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