Reps wants June 12 in History curriculum

Reps wants June 12 in History curriculum
The House of Representatives has urged the Ministry of Education to incorporate June 12 into the curriculum. The House resolved thus following the adoption of the prayers of a motion moved by Olumide Osoba.
It would be recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari recently changed the Democracy day from May 29 to June 12.
Moving the motion, Osoba said that “June 12 has never featured in the History Curriculum of Nigerian Schools because it was never recognized by previous Administrations;
“Concerned that if the importance of the Struggle in the emergence of the Fourth Republic in Nigeria’s political history is not highlighted, the story could be distorted and the younger generations could lose the essence of the event;
“Desirous of incorporating the struggle in the History curriculum to afford the younger generations information on its importance in Nigeria’s political history.”
Several members used the opportunity to identify with the struggle.
The Whip of the House, Muhammed Monguno (APC, Borno) who was a member of the house back in the 3rd republic during the era talked about his experience during the struggle.
“I was a member of the House then, and Chief MKO Abiola paid for our expenses to travel to Cyprus to represent Nigeria instead of the impostor government of Ernest Shonekan, he said
Ado Dogwa who was also a member of the House in the 3rd Republic also explained his role in fighting for June 12.
“I was elected straight from the NYSC, I was arrested by the security for fighting for June 12. I hold on to June 12 religiously. I want to inform the house.
“I was in the lobby team that was sent to the US, to speak to lobby the government, I was the only one among the 9 members that gave a minority report.”
The House, therefore, resolved as follow:
Urge the Federal Ministry of Education to incorporate the June 12 Struggle in the  History Curriculum in Nigeria’s schools.
The House also ask the Education Research and Development Institute to add it into the review, because this is the year of review.

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