Suspected ritualist-prophetess who pounds kids alive nabbed in Anambra (Graphic photos)

Suspected ritualist-prophetess who pounds kids alive nabbed in Anambra (Graphic photos)

A suspected female ritualist has been arrested due to her involvement in the kidnapping, child abuse and alleged murder of children in Anambra.


1st News gathered that policemen stormed the ritualist’s dungeon, No.13 Akunwanta Mbamalu Street, Federal Housing Estates 3-3 Nkwelle Ezunaka, Anambra state; where they found three children locked up in a room where the ritualist carries out her sacrifices.


The children; two boys and a girl were badly bruised and were looking malnourished.


They had broken bones and were also left lying in their blood.



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The entire room had blood stains alongside fetish items; including a mortar as well as multiple pestles, blood-stained canes, concoction and more.



In the room was also found a bucket where the children were made to poop as they were not allowed out of the room.


The children, whose parents are not known, were too battered to speak. They were barely conscious and also appeared to be in shock.


According to the Anambra state police; the woman had “subjected them to physical and emotional torture without feeding and inflicted several wounds on their body; leaving them unconscious.”


The police added in a statement:


“Scene was visited by the DPO 3-3 CSP Abdu Bawa where gory sights of badly battered victims; one with a broken arm were found in the pool of their blood; and whose parents were neither seen nor known.


“Meanwhile, the children were rescued and rushed to the hospital for medical attention.”


1st News has gathered photos of the assaulted children; however, the photos will be embedded due to the sensitivity of the pictures.


Check them out below.











Equally important, some sources allege the women arrested at the scene own a ministry; but also engages in fetishism; including pounding children in mortar.


Consequently, the Commissioner of Police CP Monday Bala Kuryas, fsi has ordered a discreet investigation into the circumstances; surrounding the case after which suspects would be brought to justice.


Watch videos of the moment the children were rescued in link below.




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