Robot as your new CEO – Chris Uwaje

Robot as your new CEO – Chris Uwaje

Don’t just imagine it. It is already happening! Indeed, the digital server is an intangible part of your CEO. But AI is repositioning the game plan in the digital Ecosystem. Now the takeover is complete, when next you arrive at your physical work place (whatever that means in the future-of-Things) and meet your new CEO who is a Robot.



The first handshake message from him will be;



‘Hi, Mary, Good morning, sure you had a smooth ride in spite of the rain. I am Roboteck, your new CEO. I am sure you are aware that Dr. Gohome retired yesterday as posted to your mailbox. Nothing to worry about continuity. I have loaded all his Database from the day he was born to date. I possess and have memorised his childhood and education history – growing-up on Planet Earth. All his work experiences, family history and business networks are all saved and, in my brain, and does not require any oversight for accurate performance.



‘In fact, I have been acquainted with all your biodata and many more; including all you have done in, with and for the company in the past 25 years – before you received your first Desktop Computer. Trust me, this is the time to be alive and witness the remarkable change in our collective humanity. Welcome to the New-Normal. And please be aware, ‘we haven’t seen nothing yet. There will be more Pandemics and layers of New Normal – going forward’!





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‘Oh, least I forget, I am really wired not to forget anything. But sometimes, just as us human beings (I mean you human beings), you forget only to remember days after. Whereas, I am Cloud-based and programmed to rearrange when my narratives go off band beyond my conditioned line-of-thought! The beauty of getting out of bounds with my narratives is that I am equipped with the storage senses to save new thoughts – which one day, my designer wouldn’t be able to figure out where I am coming from. So, as I was saying, I really know much more about you than perhaps you know yourself.


‘For example, that you have three email accounts on Google, AoL and Facebook. You also chat a lot with your friends and acquaintances on Instagram and WhatsApp.  All your online visits, pictures and activities in the past 15 years are stored in my brain. That is how I know the details of your Grandfather, your Grandmother, your father; your mother and all your siblings. Indeed, I know when you met your loving boy-friend – now husband; his relations, and details of all your four (4) children!




‘It will also interest you to know that I have details of the school of your first son Obodo; now in one of the famous Universities in the country and his aspiration to go to Harvard University for his Master’s degree two (2) years from now. But, please, remind him that he does not need to travel out of Nigeria to the USA; because Harvard Master’s degree is now online – and very soon, everything almost all the knowledge we seek would be online.




‘In fact, the word education may disappear in our human vocabulary and reappear/transform into Technocation! Technocation will be equivalent to a knowledge-chip implant that enables a child to attend school only once a year to receive or renew a knowledge-driven intelligence chip-of-life. Sometimes, humans make me wonder why it is hard for them to understand that they are highly gifted and blessed with a special brain advantage. Yes, they are equipped with a brain made up of about 100 billion neurons. Each one makes 1,000 or more connections to other neurons, adding up to some 100 trillion in total storage space for life-long information. Therefore, we may sooner than later enter the era of ‘Technocation’ to effectively and super-smartly use our brains.




‘Now that we know that the brain can store about 2.5 Petabytes (equivalent to 1 million Gigabytes); there is a need to enhance our capacities to dig more into the digital knowledge realm. However, there is a small limitation here. The final equation does not really rely on or determined by the storage capacity of our brain (we have enough); but by the speed of comprehending and remembering all we are capable of experiencing in a complex information galaxy of our connected world.




Robot as your new CEO - Chris Uwaje



‘You may be wondering how I know about your son’s education pursuit? Oh, my other Robot colleague named Braintech now teaches in the current University of your son. The robot takes one of the class lectures and knows your son very well. We are networked together with each other and other millions of AI designed and controlled robots the world over.



Robot as your new CEO - Chris Uwaje
Robot as your new CEO – Chris Uwaje



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‘We share various information and relevant data on real-time. A major project now at the pilot phase is shaping up to enable all future robots to co-work and talk to each other; sharing multi-dimensional knowledge on almost every subject under the Sun. Meanwhile, one of my priority assignments is to retool the workforce by hiring top-flight Data scientists with a broad range of Algorithm skills. These skills from future Data-Scientists will enable our designers to build the next-generation Super-Robots with abilities to fly across the Universe; perform global development tasks and disturb e-Commerce logistics and delivery as we know it today. Seems I am talking too much while your eyeballs are rolling beyond human imagination!



Robot as your new CEO - Chris Uwaje



‘Now, let’s get to work and I will lead you to your new office where you will be working interchangeably for three months in a year. All your other works on-demand would be virtual as from now’.




Who is afraid of intelligence? Afterall, there are many differences between knowledge and intelligence. This cognitive adventure in life exploration as we grow up, from birth to death; constitute the threshold of what we know, how we knew it, forgotten, later retrieved; combined with other layers of information, date and the ultimate comprehension and application and delivery of their sum-total.



Numerous sources have defined intelligence in many multiple ways. This further illuminates the complex challenges to aggregate human behaviour, reasoning, and attitude to benefit the universe. Wiki reflects on intelligence as ‘the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information; as well as retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviours within an environment or context. Intelligence is most often studied in humans. But it has also been observed in both non-human animals and in plants. Intelligence in machines is called artificial intelligence, which is commonly implemented in computer systems using programs and, sometimes, specialized hardware’.




So, why can a robot not become a CEO, at the Enterprise business level; when, all it requires is to comprehend a given challenge, situation and identify the root circumstances; filter the innuendos and match high level thinking to the most appropriate solution/s required to influence current moment and foreseeable future? Why should the rights to possess, own and dispense intelligent information and datasets be taken away from a robot? Don’t get me wrong. The flipside of robot CEOs are also engaged in other clandestine activities. The most fearsome is the ability to design and configure an AI-enabled robot to become the most dangerous Cybersecurity Hacker the world is yet to know. Digital research Labs are sleeplessly researching in this area!




Robot as your new CEO - Chris Uwaje



Perhaps, in a troubled Governance leader milieu in Africa – adopting Nigeria to set the pilot stage; we should provide adaptive research funding to enthrone a functional robot as Chair/CEO/Director of our Independent Electoral Commission; Electoral Commissioners, Election Tribunal Judge, Speakers of the various Houses of Assemblies and Senate President; while evaluating our illegitimate behaviours at the tipping points of governance and national leadership?



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I hear you emphasize on the quality of Datasets and critical information fed and programmed into the robot by man. My can de-emphasizes the belated fear by querying why we suddenly conditioned our cash money, subjecting it to accurate counting by currency counting machines in our banks and further moving millions by a tap on the digital button to effect money transfer via mobile phone? Remember the fear and doubts on the effectiveness of online purchases and money transfer at its inception?




It’s all about Trust.  Trust the AI-embedded robot and they will heal many headaches that have compounded the illusions on dysfunctional national developments in Africa. It does not matter if the mouse is black, brown, or white – they can all catch a Mouse. AI is here and unstoppable. Give me a robot and let me breathe!

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