Roman Goddess twerks for adoring fans on IG

Roman Goddess twerks for adoring fans on IG

Nigerian socialite and Instagram delight, Roman Goddess has given her male followers a good reason to be enthralled and flabbergasted by her content.


On Sunday, May 9, the voluptuous Instagram sensation dropped a video; where she twerked a storm for her followers. Roman Goddess left little to the imagination; as she mesmerized her audience with her massive derrierre.


The socialite has often times only dropped suggestive photos on social media, however, she went a step further on Sunday.


She impressed her followers not only with her twerking dexterity; but also with the impressive ink that is on her bum.


Equally important, Goddess is renowned for flaunting her delectable physique on social media.


Sharing the video on IG, Roman Goddess asked the question; ‘lunch anyone?’.


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Watch her kinky video below.


Although Roman is happily married; numerous men are willing to risk it all for the delectable socialite.


The voluptuous model has remained one of the most well-followed Instagram users; with her semi-nude pictures keeping her followers hooked.


In other news, American Gospel artiste, Erica Campbell has reprimanded pastors; the ones who go on social media to like photos of sexy models and ladies scantily dressed.


She mentioned that it is an inappropriate act.


Without stating her reasons, Erica went on to say that even if the ‘caption is deep and spiritual’, the men of God shouldn’t ‘double-tap.’

Here is what Erica Campbell published on social media;

“Hey, preachers and pastors!

”You should rethink liking the photos of ladies in bikinis, especially when you’re married.

”Even when the caption is deep and spiritual, you shouldn’t double-tap.”




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