Royal Family wahala: Who gets to decide what a person believes or disbelieves? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Royal Family wahala: Who gets to decide what a person believes or disbelieves? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

If you have followed the British Royal Family situation, then you would get where I am going with this.




Harry and Meghan had an interview with Oprah Winfrey in which they alleged that Meghan was denied mental health care and that someone alluded to curiosity expressed about the colour of their offspring. Also, they implied Archie was denied a royal title because of his mother’s race.




Piers Morgan, one of the hosts of Good Morning Britain on ITV, declared that he did not believe Meghan.




There was an uproar.




People spoke about the dangers of dismissing mental health issues as lies. Also, he was accused of bullying Meghan and being racist.




Here is where it gets interesting.




Sharon Osbourne tweeted that she supported Piers Morgan and that he was paid to give opinions and had given his opinions. She said he wasn’t racist.




Royal Family wahala: Who gets to decide what a person believes or disbelieves? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


Things went downhill from there.




During the daytime talk show ‘The Talk’, Sharon defended defending Piers. Further, she asked Sheryl Underwood to point out precise racist allegations against Piers. Sheryl said the racism was implied.




But here is where it gets weird.




The uproar shocked me.




That clip was called shocking and used as a ‘white supremacy defending white supremacy’ evidence.




What is even more bizarre to me is that a few days ago; it was announced that Sharon Osbourne was not returning to ‘The Talk’. She was inadvertently bullied out of the show.

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Because she believed and stated that Piers Morgan was not racist.




Because Piers Morgan did not believe that Meghan Markle was telling the truth.




And people feel this is justified.




I am in an alternative universe. One in which I have made up my mind to begin to censor myself. To be careful of expressing my opinions. I have found myself in discussions where people have criticized Piers for not believing Meghan on the royal family revelations.



Royal Family wahala: Who gets to decide what a person believes or disbelieves? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Royal Family


This is because she expressed being suicidal. The consensus is that one should never disbelieve a person’s claims of mental ill health. My friend said “How will he say he doesn’t believe she was suicidal?”




At this point, I ask myself if there is something wrong with me? Am I an insensitive block of wood?



Let me be clear.



I understand how dangerous it is for someone that is not suicidal to not be believed. I believe that with the sensitization on mental health issues; it is damaging to dismiss anyone talk on such struggles.



So yes, Piers saying he does not believe Meghan is not a nice thing.




But. But. 




In this world that we live in, people will believe what they want to believe; or disbelieve what they want to disbelieve.




This is something that no one can control.




It is never a worthy campaign to control what a person thinks.




Piers can choose not to believe anyone.



Any human being can believe what he chooses to believe. And saying one disbelieves another person or a thing should not be a big deal. It would be nice if every individual was mindful of the mental health of each other.




But to depend on that to make life easier for people with such struggles is not realistic.




People will refuse to believe anyone and anything they like. It may not be nice. But it is certainly not something to make an issue of.




Disbelieving something that is true does not make it less true.




And no matter what seems obvious, people will see what they decide to see.




If an individual cannot cope with being disbelieved; then the person cannot be saved even by being believed.




I am seeing a time when people will be afraid to say certain things because these matters are incredibly policed. And there are many people waiting to find a term to label others with.




You know the words;


  1. Racism


  1. Bigotry


  1. Misogyny


  1. Ableism


A person cannot be a shitty person without someone extending and extrapolating it to something incredible hateful.



But here is the thing.




The lessons from this is not ‘don’t criticize black women or disbelieve someone with mental illness.’



The lesson here really is to think the things you want to think without voicing them. Also, the lesson is to watch and follow popular opinions.



The lesson is that hypocrisy is safe.




Everything can remain the same within you, just don’t say it.


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I am not Piers of course.




He is surviving the cancel culture.




I am me.




And this censure has me frazzled.




Royal Family wahala: Who gets to decide what a person believes or disbelieves? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Royal Family

Interestingly, those who claim Meghan bullied them in the Royal Family will be disbelieved by liberals/woke people. They get to decided who is telling the truth and who is not.



It is ridiculous to police what people should believe.




I can get people being angry that Piers was bullying Meghan.




But to be angry because he did not believe her, doesn’t make any sense to me.




You may not understand it, but this sort of censure is dangerous. We do not need a world where everyone believes the same thing.

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