Russia backs China over hypersonic test row

Russia backs China over hypersonic test row


After China reportedly tested a hypersonic missile; Russia said China was developing arms systems “within the framework of international obligations”.


Kremlin said, “United States is also testing hypersonic weapons;” while asserting that Russia does not break its international obligations in arms control.


The Kremlin spokesman said Russia takes measures aimed at “ensuring our own security amid actions that the United States take under their missile defence program.”
The development comes as China denied reports it had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile stating that it tested a “space vehicle” calling it a “routine test”.
Reports claimed China had tested the hypersonic missile in August; which flew in space and circled the globe before heading towards its target which it reportedly missed by miles.
However, China claimed the test was carried out in July and not August while adding that it was “supporting equipment of the spacecraft”; which had burned and disintegrated as it fell in the atmosphere before falling into the high seas.

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After the report emerged, US disarmament ambassador Robert Wood said the Biden administration was concerned about the Chinese hypersonic test; while adding that China and Russia had pursued the hypersonic technology for military use “very actively”.

Wood informed that Russia has a hypersonic glide vehicle called the “Avangard”; which he said was a “heavy ICBM” describing it as “worrisome”.


US defence secretary Lloyd Austin had said that the government was closely watching China as it builds its armament and advanced capabilities; asserting that it “will only increase tensions in the region”.

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