Russian soldiers rape woman multiple times

Russian soldiers rape woman multiple times

Two Russian soldiers ‘raped Ukrainian woman in front of her kid after killing her husband’ in Putin’s horrific invasion.

Prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova said one of the Russian troops gunned down the dad after storming the house in a village near Kyiv before the pair of them brutally attacked his wife.

She said the two savages “repeatedly” raped the woman in the horror assault – and “threatened her with violence and weapons”.

Ms Venediktova alleged the vile soldiers even threatened her child who was in the house at the time; and claimed one of the men was drunk.

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She said one of the troops has been identified by the police and is now wanted, Kyiv Independent reports.

His identity has not been made public – and it is understood the other suspect has not yet been identified.

She said in a statement on her official Facebook page: “Let’s find every villain and make them accountable through the strictness of the law.”

Invading Russian troops have been accused of raping women in a number of cities.

Last month, Ukraine’s foreign minister confirmed there had been reports of Putin’s soldiers sexually assaulting Ukrainian women.

Anastasia Taran, 30, said Putin’s brutal soldiers have been raping women in the Russian-occupied city of Irpin;  which has been under attack from Russia’s invading forces for nearly a month.

Anastasia said Russian troops have also been storming basements and shooting terrified families as fierce fighting continues in Irpin.

The former waitress, who has lived in the Kyiv suburb for four years, said: “Irpin is hell. There are plenty of Russian soldiers out there who just shoot people who enter private homes and, at best, just kick people out of their homes.

“They rape women and the dead are just being dumped. They open the basements where people are hiding and shoot them.”

In Kherson, another Russian-occupied city, Svetlana Zorina, 27, also accused the invading Russian forces of sexually assaulting women.

Svetlana said people living in the Black Sea port city can only “sit at home and take care of ourselves because we are scared.

“There was information from people that I personally know that a 17-year-old girl – it happened to her and then they killed her.”

She added: “We are terrified and scared but we are not going to give up.”

Svetlana said leaving the house had now become too “dangerous”.

She told talkRadio: “They started to rape our women so now it’s very dangerous to go outside, especially when it’s dark.

“I heard about a few cases from people I know, unfortunately.”


It comes after a group of Ukrainian MPs accused Russian troops of raping and executing elderly Ukrainian women.

Lesia Vasylenko, an MP for Ukraine’s opposition Holos party; claimed many female “senior citizens” had taken their own lives after they were sexually abused; in a bid to escape the violence.

Ms Vasylenko said: “When Putin was unable to take Ukraine and Kyiv in the three days as he envisaged that he would; he shifted his strategy to target specifically women and children.

“We have reports now through Ukraine, especially in cities which were hit the hardest, of women who were raped.

“Most of these women, we have reports they have either been executed after the crime of rape or they have taken their own lives.”

The vulnerable groups of women are said to have been targeted in the areas around Kyiv, in Bucha and Irpin.

Maria Mezentseva, Ukrainian MP for Servant of the People Party, added: “The ladies who were raped and suffered sexual violence, some of them were also hanged.

“These are the facts we are gathering for evidence on war crimes and to take to the ECHR.”


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