Ruth Kadiri responds to Kemi Olunloyo’s request to arrest Dj Switch

Ruth Kadiri responds to Kemi Olunloyo’s request to arrest Dj Switch

Following her request for Dj Switch’s arrest, Ruth Kadiri issues a warning to Kemi Olunloyo. Ruth Kadiri, a Nigerian actress, has accused investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo of cyberbullying.

To kick off a campaign against online bullying, the 33-year-old encouraged her followers to name one person they know who had engaged in the practice.

Kemi Olunloyo bullies both adults as well as children for up to a year, according to Ruth Kadiri, who used the hashtag #saynotobullying.

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In her words:

“Everyone always looks away until the worst happens. Then we start shouting justice for. #kemiolunloyo is the number one social media bully I know, from bully children to adults, everyone sees this, fraternizes with her or looks the other way,” the actress wrote.

The actress also added that “She will pick on you and make you her subject for a year. For fear of this, everyone is quiet. It is ok, not to share Dj switch’s sentiments.

“You have right you can stand with whoever you want. But constantly taunting her. Calling her out. Is unacceptable. And I will not be a passerby who watches and is quiet. #saynoyobullying.”

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