Ruth Kadiri threatens to come for celebrities who endorse ‘recycled’ politicians

Ruth Kadiri threatens to come for celebrities who endorse ‘recycled’ politicians

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has threatened to tackle celebrities who intend to campaign for recycled politicians in the coming elections.


According to the Nollywood actress, she revealed that she is prepared to tackle her colleagues who supporting politicians who have failed Nigeria.


She made this known on her social media platform on Monday, March 29.


Read what Ruth Kadiri wrote on Instagram;

“Dear colleagues and friends.

I am waiting for those of you who will post politicians who have been in power forever and ask us to vote for them,” she wrote.



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“I will drag you. I swear I will drag your desperate hungry selves by your wigs. Don’t say I didn’t warn.”


The 33-year-old actress went on to advise her colleagues not to be a sell-out.


“With all due respect, don’t be a fucking sell-out. Thank you,” she concluded.


This is coming after Kadiri’s colleague, Iyabo Ojo also opened up a year ago that she will never vote for any member of the political parties, APC or PDP into power.


“I Alice Iyabo Ojo, will never support, campaign or vote for any APC or PDP member ever again in my life even if you are my family or friend, we need a New Nigeria Flag of Nigeria.

We need to stop recycling Universal recycling symbol #EndBadGoverance,” she tweeted.


The actress made this known back in 2020.


Iyabo Ojo has since revealed that members of the political parties; have, hence, been threatening her in her DM.

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