Ryanair to launch customer advisory panel

Ryanair to launch customer advisory panel

Ryanair has launched a new customer advisory panel which will allow customers to provide feedback and recommendations that will help improve guest services.

As part of its first meeting this autumn, applicants will be flown to Dublin to participate in a customer care event to help the airline improve its service.

Panel applicants can look forward to future meetings at major European cities such as Madrid; Rome; as well as Berlin; and also Warsaw; and more.

The recommendations from the panel will shape a customer improvements program.

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Ryanair director of marketing and digital, Dara Brady, said: “We are excited to announce our first ever customer advisory panel; to allow customers help us drive improvements in customer care and service.

“We are determined to keep listening to our customers and improving our service to them.”

He added: “Our new Customer Advisory Panel will provide us with direct feedback and recommendations from customers; and will also help us deliver an improved service for our guests throughout 2022 and beyond.”

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