Sabi List: Top 10 Popular Gospel Songs of 2018

Sabi List: Top 10 Popular Gospel Songs of 2018

The year 2018 has been great for several gospel singers across the country. They have attained new level of success both spiritually and financially.

Nigerian gospel musicians have begun to collaborate with international acts and reveal to the general public that music isn’t all about money and fame, but there is a God that we need to know.

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Here are the top 10 Nigerian songs that trended for majority of the year. Sit back, relax and prepare your spirit for this list.

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  1. Tim Godfrey x Travis Greene- Nara

Nigerian singer and exquisite performer Tim Godfrey featured American gospel act Travis Greene on this mega hit single. The song was initially performed during Tim Godfrey’s Fearless Concert which was held at House on the Rock church.

2. Prospa Ochimana x OsinachiEkwueme

Originally, Prospa released “Ekwueme” in 2017 but the single didn’t receive heavy rotation until early 2018. It became an anthem in various worship centers and it would continue to represent a voice of a generation.

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3. Mercy ChinwoExcess Love

Mercy Chinwo’s “Excess Love” is a song for all season and it has every reason to be a recipient of numerous Gospel Awards this year. The song discusses the love of God towards his creatures on earth, this song would definitely heal your spirit.

4. Frank Edwards x Nicole C. Mullen x CheeSweet Spirit of God

Frank Edward has honed his vocal range and elaborated on his capability of musical production. He produced and co-wrote this new hit single “Sweet Spirit of God” along with multiple award-winning American singer Nicole C. Mullen and talented songstress Chee.

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5. Eben x Nathaniel BasseyNo One Like You

This is song “No one Like You” primarily discusses the grace and the love of God for we humans. A spirit-filled composition that would break a strong man to his knees and make him plead for the presence of God. This is a soul lifting single.

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6. Dunsin OyekanI proclaim

Although Dunsin Oyekan performed this song originally, it was written by American singer-songwriter Parris Bowen. The single “I Proclaim” is primarily about faith declaration and believing in the words of the bible.

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7. Tope Alabi x TY BelloLogan Ti ode

Logan Ti Ode,” is an awe-inspiring beautiful song by Tope Alabi, on Ty Bello’s spontaneous worship series. Delivered in Yoruba language, “Logan Ti Ode” meaning “The Moment He (God) Steps In” – features Ty Bello and George.

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8. Mercy Chinwo x Preye OdedeEze

Apparently Mercy Chinwo is one of the bestselling gospel singers in 2018. Her supernatural song “Eze” which described God’s infinite mercy is one of the most played song religious centers this year.

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9. Henri Soul- Faya Faya

Pardon me but Henri Soul is the Burna boy of the gospel music spectrum. His energetic performance and thought-provoking but spiritual songs cannot be ignored. The singer has a vibrant personality and from the title of the song ‘Faya, Faya’ you should know what to expect.

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10. Bee Cee ‘Moh- Wo Mi

Bee Cee Moh’s music is primarily about praise, lifting up your hands and screaming out your lungs with a heart of thanksgiving. Bee Cee Moh’s single ‘Wo mi’ which means ‘look at me’ is a gospel dance-hall jam that is quintessential in defining her career. We know this is the commencement of greater things in her career.

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