Salad-free ways to eat more greens

Salad-free ways to eat more greens




They’re one of the easiest ways you can increase the amount of fresh fruits, veggies and especially greens you eat on a daily basis.

Some  favorite green smoothies include the Super Green Smoothie and the Green Machine Smoothie.


Like smoothies, juice is another option to increase your intake of greens — minus the chewing.

For example, one glass of this Green Juice contains an entire serving of greens.


Greens aren’t just for smoothies and juices! We love sneaking healthy greens in soups and curries.

This Detox Soup is a perfect example of how easy it is to toss some green goodness into your pot.


Vegetables, like carrots and celery sticks, are the perfect vessels for getting hummus and dips to your mouth. But why not kick your healthy snacking up a notch by mixing in some greens.

We love this Avocado Dip and Green Hummus.

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Getting your greens can be saucy! Like hummus and dips, greens can easily be hidden in sauces.

This homemade tomato sauce will fool even the pickiest of eaters!


OK, I know we said these would be salad-free ideas, but we couldn’t not talk about salad dressings. Blending greens into your dressing; like we do in our Super Green Avocado Dressing, is a clever way to disguise your greens.


Leafy green vegetables are great, but one of the easiest and fool-proof ways to increase your intake of greens is with superfood powders.

One teaspoon of our Super Green Mix is the equivalent of one serving of greens.

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