Salle: Management disagree with criticism of outfit in Salle’s new music video

Salle: Management disagree with criticism of outfit in Salle’s new music video

The news of Salle, the 17-year-old singer whose video went viral on several social media platforms obviously made a lot of people happy.

People looked forward to seeing her take her singing to the next level; especially after she was directly contacted by Rihanna. The new video she shared on her Instagram page confirmed that she has indeed kicked off her musical career.

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However, a lot of people have also expressed displeasure; over the dress she wore in her new video.

Some of them said that she is too young to dress in that manner; and that the dress is way too revealing for a 17-year-old.

Her newly formed management has responded; informing the public that Salle’s song clearly shows that she sings R&B music; and R&B musicians are known to dress in flashy and stylish outfits. These outfits make them unique, they defended; and being unique is one of the qualities a person who wants to be a star needs to adopt. They do not want her too look ordinary.


They went on to add that Salle doesn’t need to cover every single part of her body to prove a point to people. The dress she wore is something that ladies wear to public outings these days and there is obviously nothing wrong with people dressing like that.


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