Samsung ranked world’s best employer for 2020 (See Full List)

Samsung ranked world’s best employer for 2020 (See Full List)

Samsung has emerged as the world’s best employer for 2020; beating e-Commerce giant, Amazon into second place.

The ranking is the result of a survey conducted by Forbes in partnership with market research firm Statista.

Specifically, the ranking was arrived at through a survey of 160,000 full-time and part-time workers from 58 countries, working for businesses with operations in multiple nations or regions.  The surveys were conducted on a rolling basis from June to July, 2020. Participants were asked to rate their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family. Also, they were asked to rate their satisfaction with their employers’ COVID-19 responses and score their employers on its image; as well as its economic footprint, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility.

The final list is composed of 750 multinational and large corporations headquartered in 45 countries.

Forbes reports that the United States dominated the list with 247 employers. It was followed by Europe with 224 and Asia and Oceania with 208.


The top 10 was occupied by South Korean-headquartered Samsung. Following Amazon was IBM which occupied third place. Microsoft emerged fourth, LG came fifth and iPhone makers, Apple was in sixth position. Seventh position went to Adobe. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, was in eighth position while Siemens was ninth. Bosch made up the top 10.

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The report reveals that employees of IT, software and telecommunications organizations, which have seen business grow; while being able to shift to working remotely more easily, tended to rate their companies’ coronavirus responses more positively than workers of travel and leisure or transportation companies. Respondents from Colombia and Brazil were also much more satisfied with their employers’ handling of the pandemic than those from Japan; or Singapore, South Korea or Italy.

Many of the companies on the list have not been immune to the effects of Covid-19 on their workforces.


Amazon, Forbes reveals, is facing a lawsuit alleging the company did not provide workers of its JFK8 Staten Island facility with a safe work environment. Also, at least eight Amazon employees have reportedly died of COVID-19. However, since the pandemic started, the company has made big investments in workplace safety. It reportedly gave all front-line employees and partners a bonus totaling $500 million in June.

In addition, it has spent $4 billion on COVID-related measures, including distributing more than 100 million face masks to employees; implementing temperature checks at sites around the world and mandating enhanced cleaning procedures at all Amazon sites, among others.

Also, the company has begun regularly testing its employees for COVID-19. It plans to do 50,000 tests a day across 650 sites by November.


See the full list of the world’s best employers 2020 here:

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