Sanwo-Olu approves anti-grazing bill, signs into law

Sanwo-Olu approves anti-grazing bill, signs into law

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Governor of Lagos State, has signed the anti-open grazing bill into law.

Sanwo-Olu signed the bill on Monday, September 20, after it had been earlier passed by the State House of Assembly.

This move by Sanwo-Olu was after the governors of the Southern region, in a meeting in Asaba, Delta state capital, resolved to ban open grazing and the movement of cattle by foot.

However, the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore also said herders won’t obey the law.

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The National Secretary of the group, Saleh Alhassan, described the law as “satanic and empty”.

He had said, “As far as we are concerned, the anti-grazing bill is satanic. We have already initiated legal actions both locally and internationally against Akeredolu and other governors trying to destroy our means of livelihood.

“All the people promoting the law are in connivance with the devil. How do you disturb people from their normal business without providing alternative? It’s an empty law, it’s just a political body they are using to steal money in the name of security votes.

“Most of the cows you see in Southern Nigeria belong to Yoruba and Igbo merchants, they are the ones that own these cows. This hype about anti-grazing is just political.”

When asked if the association would comply with the law, he said, “How will you obey an empty law? The law is satanic, it’s not implementable, it’s a negative law, so how do you implement that? Do you start arresting people with their cattle? Where are the ranches you have created for them?

“We know that we are serving a living God. We are warning seriously that any tribal security outfit that will listen to their Governor; that they want to illegally eject our herders or steal their cows, God will deal with them in numerous ways. We are peace-loving.”

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