Saraki Stays On As Senate President, Reaches Accord With APC Senators

Saraki Stays On As Senate President, Reaches Accord With APC Senators

Indications from the National Assembly revealed that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, may have reached an accord with the senators from the opposing All Progressives Alliance (APC).

Sources disclosed that the APC senators may have dropped plans to remove Saraki as president of the Senate.

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Saraki defected to the opposition PDP whose presidential ticket he sought but lost.

Many other senators and members of the House of Representatives also defected from the APC.

The APC leadership have called for the resignation of the Senate President or his removal with Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole spearheading the opposition.

The Senate President, however, vowed to remain in office saying he enjoys the support of the majority of senators.

Signs that the APC senators had backtracked on the plot to remove Mr Saraki first surfaced on Tuesday when the Senate resumed from a 10 weeks recess. The lawmakers went into a closed-door session where it was reportedly agreed that the Senate should avoid any controversy at this time.

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The Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan (APC, Yobe), however, made a formal announcement on Friday after meeting President Muhammadu Buhari at the State House.

He said, “We must put national interest above individual, parochial or partisan interest.

“Let me also say that disagreements are usual. In fact, there are very practical components of any parliament, when you have two to three parties or even within parties, you will have views that may differ.

“It is traditional, it is usual for us to disagree. Maybe these disagreements may crop up and some other issues. But for now, our focus is on national interest”.

Lawan also explained that the senators jettisoned the idea because national interest overrides any other interest for now.

“The National Assembly is a Nigerian parliament and therefore the best thing to do is to ensure that Nigerians gets a good deal and for now the good deal is for Nigeria to have all those pending requests of Mr President approved by the National Assembly.

“I think the national interest, for now, overrides any other interest.

“Our intention is to ensure that Mr President doesn’t lack from inactivity of the National Assembly. That whatever he requests, the fundamental aspects especially will be attended to. This is our determination both as APC senators. In fact as Senate and National Assembly”.

The ruling party has less than two-thirds senators, the number required to remove a Senate president. It will thus require the support of some PDP senators to achieve such task, something it is unlikely to get. Also, the Senate President still enjoys the loyalty of many APC senators.

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