SARS: Abuja family accuses Police Unit of allegedly raping, killing daughter in custody, petitions IGP

SARS: Abuja family accuses Police Unit of allegedly raping, killing daughter in custody, petitions IGP

Operative of the Federal Capital Territory Command of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have been accused of allegedly raping and killing a 28-year-old graduate of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Ifeoma Abugu.

1st News gathered that three SARS officials on September 10, 2020, around 5pm, stormed the residence of Ifeoma’s fiancé; Afam Ugwunwa, at Wumba village in the Lokogoma area of Abuja to arrest him.

However, Ugwunwa was not around which prompted the SARS officials to arrest Ifeoma.

According to the family, all efforts to know the police station she was taken to proved abortive. She was not found until Ugwunwa got a call the next day that Ifeoma had died. Also, he was told that her corpse had been deposited in the morgue.

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Ifeoma’s brother, Alex, who spoke to newsmen, revealed that the deceased had just concluded her National Youth Service Corps. He added that she was arrested and killed four days after she had her introduction with Ugwunwa in Enugu.

He said, “I was in Lagos when one of my junior brothers called me that he learnt that SARS arrested our sister and she died in detention. I just came to Abuja today (Sunday) and I have asked some of my uncles; who have been to the police station…They said that the policemen alleged that they met my sister unconscious on the bed and they carried her to hospital; where she died.

“When I asked my sister’s fiancé what happened, he said he went out. Someone called him on the telephone that SARS had arrested my sister and when he came back; he called someone he knew at the SARS office to help in facilitating her release. But the person was unable to do it that night.

“The following morning, he gave the woman money to help facilitate the release. But the woman called back to tell him that Ifeoma was dead. When my uncles saw the picture of her corpse, they saw signs that she was sexually assaulted. We’re waiting for the result of an autopsy to come out to ascertain what happened to her.

“My sister was arrested four days after her introduction in the village and her wedding was slated for December. We want the killers to be brought to justice.”

Counsel to the family, Ifeanyi Mamah, urged the Inspector-General of Police; Mohammed Adamu, to order a proper investigation into the matter.

He said, “She (Ifeoma) had just finished cooking that day. Her fiancé and her friend had finished eating and the friend left. The fiancé went to see a friend in one of the neighbouring estates when he received a call from a neighbour that the police had come to arrest his fiancée and she had been taken away and he received another call from Ifeoma that she was been taken away by SARS, but she didn’t know where they were taking her to.

Ifeoma’s fiancé called a friend of his to help in looking for her and secure her release. But she was not found, only for the fiancé to receive a call the next day that she was dead and her corpse had been deposited in the morgue.

“The family of the deceased have not seen the corpse. The picture we have is the one the IPO snapped and sent to us when she went to the hospital; where her corpse was deposited. From the picture of the deceased, it appeared she was sexually assaulted before her death.

“The SARS officers alleged that they met Ifeoma in an unconscious state and that when they got there, there was cocaine on the table and that they only helped to take her to hospital, where she was examined and pronounced dead, but they forgot that people witnessed when she was being taken away.

“We want justice to be served; we want the matter to be thoroughly investigated and assigned to good investigating officers, because the IPO that has been handling this matter is not erudite enough; that is why we do not have confidence in them. The officers, who perpetrated this act, must be brought to justice.”

Mamah’s petition to the IG reads in part, “The IPO, Inspector Bullus, and DPO Usman informed us at the police station on September 15, 2020, in explanation that the deceased was met in an unconscious state by the officers. This explanation is contrary to the information from residents and our clients are not confident with the way the matter is being handled at the Apo Police Station.

“The SARS operatives, who did the arrest, are still not yet arrested and are freely walking the streets of Abuja. Our clients are not confident that the division will do justice in the matter, and the deceased body is still lying lifeless at Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital. Sir, we appeal that you use your highly esteemed office to ensure that proper investigation is carried out, that the culprits be brought to book and justice done.”

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