Saudi Arabia led-coalition strikes Yemen

Saudi Arabia led-coalition strikes Yemen
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Reports have it that the Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting in Yemen destroyed a Houthi telecommunication system used to control drones.

The bombing targeted a ground station for satellites in the vicinity of the telecommunication ministry in northern Sanaa.

Later on Monday, Houthi-run TV Al Masirah reported a coalition attack targeting the telecommunication ministry, destroying the TeleYemen telecoms company building.

The coalition said the Iran-backed Houthis use ministry headquarters to launch an attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha international.

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Twelve people were injured at the airport in a Houthi drone attack on Thursday.

Houthi forces have sent drones and fired missiles into Saudi Arabia during the seven-year conflict. They recently fired missiles at the United Arab Emirates capital.

The Saudi-led coalition has retaliated with airstrikes inside Yemen.

This has resulted in massive loss of lives and several wounded.

The crisis in Yemen has assumed international dimensions with the US and Russia siding both Saudi Arabia-coalition; and the Yemenese army.

The Saudi authorities had accused Iran of supplying weapons to the rebels. The Iranians on the other hand accused Saudi Arabia of embarking on genocide in the Houthi- held areas.

The war has created humanitarian challenges with the United Nations warning of dire consequences if both sides do not observe a ceasefire and allow aid workers to go in and attend to the wounded.

The UN also warned both sides to stop attacking aid workers, especially medical personnel drafted to assist those that are injured.

Many Yemenis are facing hunger and starvation, with children and women the worst affected. Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crises as a result of the war.

The Houthi rebels have been fighting the Yemenis government for over a decade now. The Houthi rebels had accused the United Arab Emirates of allowing the Saudi- coalition to use their base to attack them.

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