Secrets Men Hide From Their Women

Secrets Men Hide From Their Women

Being in a relationship, according to many people, is all about knowing the other person in and out and vice versa. However, we all have things about ourselves that we don’t reveal to the people around us. Such things could be silly that we’d be outright embarrassed about, or they could be dark, painful, and plain wrong.

Everyone has secrets some which they’d rather bottle up than reveal. Both men and women have different views for different things and the way they relate to their partners is totally different. For men, it be something they’ve done, have a desire to do, or a feeling they have that they can’t talk about. Most of the common things your man won’t tell you include:



They desire other women

It is human to natural acknowledge and appreciate one another. Once in a while, your man’s eyes may wander a little too much to be comfortable. When this happens, he keeps it to himself knowing very well it could spark a bad fight in the relationship. Whether the other woman is a stranger or someone you know, your man will work really hard to ensure you don’t find out.


They want more

When it comes to relationships, bedroom matters are very delicate and can be explosive when handled recklessly. Your man understands this and may not want to cause trouble by revealing he is not happy in your intimacy. He might want to have suggestions on how to spices things out and he could send hints for an improvement but he won’t tell you outright that you are not sufficient.


They care about your weight

You may ask your man over and over if the few pounds you have added in the recent past have changed your look. Both he and you know that you can longer fit into most of your favourite clothes and he isn’t willing to be the one to point it out. He will say you look okay just to avoid dealing with your emotions when you tell them to call you fat. In most cases, they will brush your ‘should I lose some this weight’ question away without responding.


Their feelings towards your family

No matter how hard your man loves you, he doesn’t have to have the same feelings to your family, or even the friends you hang out with. He probably despises your parents ad hates how your siblings relate with him. However, he is not going to let you know since he understands you love those people. He knows very well that if he tells you how he feels about your family genuinely, you might end up breaking up with him.


Their body count

Telling someone you’re seeing the number of people you have dated before always sparks hot emotions for different people. While disclosing or refusing to do not change the past, your man will hardly tell you the correct number of other women he has slept with before. He could give you a figure to what he thinks you will be comfortable with, but will not necessarily tell his real number.

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