Security breach reported near Pentagon in US

Security breach reported near Pentagon in US



A security breach has been reported near Pentagon in the US. Well, there is also nothing to worry about as it was a hen.

It was actually caught ‘snooping’ around a security area at the Pentagon this week.


The chicken, which has brown feathers as well as a red comb and wattles, was found running loose near the US Department of Defense headquarters on the outskirts of Washington DC early on Monday morning, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia told on social media.


“Apparently, the answer to ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ is to get to the Pentagon,” the local animal welfare organisation also said.

It was taken into custody by one of the organisation’s employees.

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In an email, Chelsea Jones, spokesperson for the organisation, said that she can’t reveal the location where the bird was spotted.



“We are not allowed to disclose exactly where she was found. We can only say it was at a security checkpoint,” Jones said.


It’s still unclear where the Rhode Island red chicken came from or how it got to the Pentagon.


The bird was “sweet” and “nervous”, Jones also described.

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